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Top 10 Food Styling Trends : Part III

Top Down shots or flat lays are popular again after the 90’s. More an industrial application when you shot gears and machine parts, it's back. Fairly popular in the e-Comm world, this style is trending in the advertising world as well. A simple to use format and easy to layout, most digital designers use this style to get more picture per shoot day. It’s a style that great for product photos & when multiple products are to be given equal importance eg. - product range shots. But creativity holds no bounds. Many food stories are being created on the flat lay format.

Food Styling and Food Photography for Viola
Food Styling and Food Photography for Viola

Flat lays devoid the products of one entire dimension. Take for example a beverage bottle -One cannot see the height of a bottle in flat lay. Therefore you see bottles lying down in many images & that may look strange in a way. This has led to many stylists creating graphic patterns with their products. Finally this has led to a complete different visual language. See most brands are edging to this messy style. The safe brands are using carefully messy to more edgy one trying organised mess that is the general approach. Bloggers style but advertising somewhere. Almost hanging out of the window but legs stuck deep in the ground!

Let's have a look at a few more examples of Top Down shots or Flat Lays done by our team

NTFSC Food Styling & Still Photography work done for Goeld Packaging Food Stylist: Nitin Tandon

Food Stylist: Bijal Jobanputra

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