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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting are specialized in providing “solutions” to any food brand requirement for still photography and video creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food stylist, and how can a food stylist help me?

A food stylist is a professional photographer who clicks some of the best pictures of food for some of the most reputed cafes, restaurants, and other food businesses to boost up their sales. Transforming a simple food into something photogenic, needs many creative touches as different people may have different ideas to showcase their creativity. In simple terms, a food stylist is a creative professional who showcases food for photography, videography or filming.

In case you own a restaurant in Kolkata and are looking forward to boosting up the sales, a reliable and creative food consultant in Kolkata might be able to get the fraction you need.

Professional food stylists are armed with various tools, techniques and equipment to make the food appear yummy. You may look around for a professional stylist in Kolkata, and find a few as well; but if you are looking for the most reliable and creative food consultants in Kolkata, Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting can help you.

Wondering how hiring a food stylist in Kolkata can help you grow your business in Kolkata and beyond?

A wildlife photographer focuses on capturing wildlife moments. Similarly, a food stylist specializes in showcasing the food to make them appear freshly served and hot all the while oozing with flavour. They expertise in this creative field as they develop interest in every little detail associated with food preparation such as the ingredients involved in it, and under what circumstances a food item can look the best. They also act as photographers that make the food pop out from its frames. Youmust consider looking for a stylist or a food photographer in Kolkata to help make the food come alive in pictures.

To ensure that their creativity results in the best image/video, they carry with them every prop that is required such as plates and grocery items. They even arrange everything on the plate and around it to make the dish appear perfect. They make the food look appetizing, by spraying oil or water, and they make it look perfect by removing excessive droplets of the liquid with a dropper. Getting in touch with food photography Kolkata or food consultants in Kolkata is easy as there are many professionals who offer their services in the city.

Food stylists in Kolkata can contribute widely to help you improve your business and get the exposure that you deserve in Kolkata. If you have located one such professional and are wondering who they can help, here’s how!

Food stylists:
  • Tell your story through creativity to convey your message to the viewers
  • You may choose to prepare your food item freshly before the photoshoot, or let your stylist do it for you to save you valuable time and money. From slicing and dicing to food preparation and garnishing, stylists can do it all.
  • The sole focus of styling the food is to make it appear fresh and appetizing, and food stylists can make sure that your food speaks a thousand words.

A food stylist is incomplete without the best food photographer in Kolkata who can capture the styling and help benefit your business in Kolkata. If you aim to trigger an irresistible craving for food in the minds of the people it is vital that you pair up a food stylist with a professional food photography in Kolkata. You may consider looking for restaurant consultants in Kolkata who can help!

Do you need a professional food photographer?

Do you need food photography in Kolkata? Owning a restaurant or a cafe in Kolkata is as good as facing competition everyday, and to win the competition, you need to consult with some of the best restaurant consultants in Kolkata.

Unfortunately, many people believe that clicking a picture of a food that is hot and fresh is easy. But did you know, the result would be different from that of a professional photographer? A food consultant will tell you that as a business in Kolkata, if you want an increased engagement in any of your social media pages, you will need to rely on food photography Kolkata. It’s not just about photoshoot knowledge, but professionals also have specific photographic equipment that involves special lighting, quality lens, and course skills for clicking one good picture. Connecting with some of the best food consultants in Kolkata can make your work easier.

There are many restaurants and cafes opening each day paving the way to increased competition. To be a part of the competition, posting pictures on social media with a tagline is sufficient. But to be among the top competitors, you will need more than a picture. To ensure that your food business in Kolkata is among the top, you will need to seek help from one of the best restaurant consultants in Kolkata.

Did you know that approximately 82% of the people buy a meal because that looks delicious in the pictures? People are more interested in content that has some colourful pictures. So make sure that your content is paired with attractive images as well.

Here are some astonishing benefits of hiring a food photographer-
  • A professional food photographer knows about every product they are working with. These little secrets help them to create a delicious image.
  • They know about capturing the fleeting moments as some dishes need to be photographed as they live just for a few moments like the smoke that comes out from a sizzling cup of cappuccino.
  • A food photographer pays the utmost attention to details that help them to achieve perfection.
Owning a food business in Kolkata means competition and you would need skills of the best food photographers in Kolkata to boost your food content and get business.

Why Choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting in Kolkata?

Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting are pioneers in the industry who have successfully revolutionized the way food appears. Our team consists of every professional that your business needs such as a food stylist, photographer, and a consultant. Irrespective of the challenges we have encountered, we have emerged a victor and won several awards.

We have a team of extremely skilled and proficient professionals who are food stylist, photographers, illustrator, prop stylist that enables us to yield outstanding results. We offer customized services to all our customers as we believe that every individual has a different perception and idea. We tailor your needs; may it be a small photoshoot or a full-scale studio production. If you are looking for a reliable team of professionals who can help your business, don't hold back, contact us!






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