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What is a food stylist, and how can a food stylist help me?

A food stylist is a professional who captures food shots for videos, film and photography. People think that making food photogenic is an easy task and that anyone can do it. But this thought process is unfair. Food photography is an art where various tools and techniques are applied to appeal to the eyes. Food stylists understand the entire process of food preparation to get the best output for food photography. All this research work is needed to understand the final presentation of the food in its best elements. If you are into restaurants and the food industry ask yourself: Do you need a food stylist in Delhi? Every food service or food brand needs dominant images of their foods to depict taste, flavour and complexity. A food stylist puts life into the pictures of food. Like fashion photography, models, makeup artists and art coordinators come together to create a masterpiece; a food stylist is that for food photography. Without a food stylist, just straightforward snaps of foods are neither appealing nor mouthwatering. For any food and beverage business in the capital city to flourish, you must seek help from food consultants in Delhi. When you hire F&B consultants in Delhi, you benefit from the various services they provide, one being food styling. The food stylist gets up, close and personal with the food. Every element is arranged such as extra droplets of sauce are added or removed using an eyedropper, tweezers to move the herbs garnishing around the plate or even a spray to spurt oil and water onto the foods to give it a fresh look. A food stylist is what an art director is to a film set, and it is even possible that the food stylist in Delhi you have chosen has been to a culinary art school. They have two intersections in their professions: food and photography. They know how to curate the dish’s best look and use the best-suited props to achieve a full effect. A restaurateur who is both budget and brand-conscious knows that every click of the dish should be worth the money and then only does it count as money well spent. Below is the entire script of how a food stylist translates the epic transformation of ingredients to a mouthwatering dish:

  • Storytelling: a food stylist weaves an entire story around the dish. A message about the brand is conveyed using the best props, lighting, and pieces of equipment.
  • Food preps: Yes, food stylists can prep the food to make it look worth a million. A food stylist knows how to highlight every component of the dish from grocery shopping to choosing the ripest and brightest ingredients and cutting them up. The food stylist executes even the final step of garnishing to add the oomph factor.
  • Food stylists are well equipped: food stylists have a dozen or more props to execute the photoshoot and aesthetically lift the dish's essence. They have serving utensils and other elements with them to enhance the look of the dish.
  • Keep the food fresh: Food stylists know ways of keeping the ingredients and food fresh. The soul of the picture and the brand is in the dish itself; hence it has to be full of life. They have an eye for fresh ingredients and avoid the soggy items.
  • Preferred by professionals: Food photographers recommend food stylists to help them get the perfect shot for all the reasons above. Right from shopping to dicing to cooking and plating, a food stylist does it all, and the work of the photographer would be to find the right angle and click.
“The enchanting pair of food stylists and food photography Delhi gel well together like bread and jam”. Consult any F&B consultants in Delhi, and they have a recommendation for food stylists ready. Pairing them up saves time, effort and provides an edge of making the food crave-worthy.

Do you need a professional food photographer?

Delhi is the melting of various cultures, and hence finding flavours and menu from various states of India isn't hard. If you are a restaurant consultant in Delhi, you should have the contact numbers of best food photographers in Delhi and the best food stylists in Delhi on your speed dial. The duo adds value and worth along with delicacy to the restaurant brand. Foundations of new restaurants are laid every day, which only means the customer will get spoilt of choices, and the competition is growing. Writing a list of specials behind the cashier or near the entrance isn't enough, nor is the use of a menu card justified until the customer chooses to sit and eat in your restaurant. The emphasising part and the extra edge comes out when the pictures of dishes are captured by the best food photographer in Delhi and styled by the food stylist in Delhi.

Food photography in Delhi and food styling isn't new but rather more flourished. People in the food business understand the worth of catching the dish's essence to look drool-worthy. The photograph of the dish pulls the customer towards it as the picture conveys a specific message and mood through it. For people taking a look at the image of the dish helps them decide better.

Did you know that 82% of the people invest in a dish because of how it looks in the picture? There could be a chance that they didn't even want it, but the photo created a temptation and sold the dish. Hence, to make their dishes stand out and ahead of the crowd, food consultants in Delhi should hire the best food stylists and food photographers in Delhi to add value. The result of a stunning photo translates into more customer engagement on the website, social media and even when they choose to dine at your restaurant. F&B consultants in Delhi understand the value of customer engagements as it adds value to the business and uses Food photography in Delhi to translate the dish’s essence. The more the customer wants to know about the dish, the more the chances of buying it. Comments and queries on social media create an online bevvy of customer engagements.

Do you need professional food photography in Delhi? Yes, the answer is an apologetic yes!!! Social media is full of self-declared food photographers and stylists, so how do f&b consultants in Delhi prefer to stand out? The answer is through powerful imagery. Images get 94% more views on social media as the entire dish is illustrated in front of the viewer's eyes. Food consultants in Delhi know that to attract a fast-moving crowd in a place like Delhi the dish needs the extra edge and sophistication, hence entering the need of the best food photographer in Delhi and a reputed food stylist.

By hiring a food photographer from Delhi, restaurant consultants in Delhi chose to catapult your dish's essence many times a fold for your foodservice. Restaurant consultants in Delhi know the impact of images and use the well-executed ones to attract business. When you hire food consultants in Delhi to help you with your business, they offer various benefits including professional food photographers.

The advantages of hiring a professional photographer include the below-mentioned points:

1.Professional food photographers' work with products the regular public isn't aware of to enhance the dish's aesthetics. They understand lights, angle and balance essential elements in the frame. 2.They know how to capture fleeting moments. Some dishes need quick photography than others, for example, the foam in the cappuccino. 3.Great attention to detail is given, and minor changes and adjustments are made to capture the dish's best essence. For someone doing food photography for the first time will find it hard to balance the elements of the dish and set the right atmosphere.

Why choose Nitin Tandon Food styling and Consulting?

Our dedication towards capturing foods in its best forms and styling the food industry has been well received and appreciated through awards. To list a few, we are the proud owners of titles like Best Food Stylist for the year by ZEE Living Foods Powerlist Award and Top 50 Master Chefs by the India Culinary Forum 2012.

Ours is a one-stop-shop helmed by the team of award-winning food photographers, filmmakers and stylists who curate the perfect food imagery for your brand.

At Nitin Tandon's Food Styling and Consulting, we work with the food ingredients to bring the best out of them. A creatively excellent team of food stylists, illustrators, prop stylists, filmmakers and food photographers comes together to create the perfect mouthwatering look for your dish.

We work cost-effectively and suggest clients use only one agency for its entire campaign, which helps keep the costs down and ensure consistency in delivery and execution. Our customised services offer various photographic styles, and the client is free to choose between a fully-fledged studio production or a small photo shoot.

Be it editorial, advertorial, designing, publishing or advertising, we cater towards every big or small demand of the project as Nitin Tandon's food styling and consulting team is well equipped with renowned chefs, food photographers and stylists who work in a dedicated office space fitted with essential backgrounds and tools.






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