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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting are specialized in providing “solutions” to any food brand requirement for still photography and video creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food stylist, and how can a food stylist help me?

A food stylist is a professional who represents food most exquisitely for photography, videography, and film-making. It is easy to cook tasty food, but to make your food look delicious and tasty is not as easy a task! That's where a food stylist comes in! Food stylists are experts in displaying food beautifully for photography purposes.

Food stylists specialise in making the dish look beautiful and tasty. For this purpose, they use various tools and techniques to make food look attractive in photographs and videos. A food stylist's job is not an easy thing to do as a food professional needs to understand its ins and outs. They master the art of food preparation and display, to make it appear enticing in pictures. With a food stylist's help, you can make your food look so mouth-watering in images that the viewers crave for it.

Pune food businesses can find quintessential food consultants in Pune who are specialists in performing their jobs and have mastery in food preparation, photography and videography. Now the question is, do you need a food stylist?

In simpler terms, a food stylist is as important to food photography as a model and fashion designer to fashion photography. Without a food stylist, the shooting and photography of food just meagre and won't be up to the mark. Food photographers, along with stylists, play a vital role in the entire process of making your food look attractive and eye-catching.

A food stylist does everything that results in the best image/video, from grocery shopping to food prepping, plating, light adjustments, and more. Their creative streak is heightened when they prepare to give the food a perfect look by working professionally and efficiently. Their efforts are valued when a food photographer captures it.

As an upcoming business in Pune, if you need professional help look for restaurant consultants in Pune. The city provides excellent photography services as well, that caters to all your needs. Owning a food business in Pune such as a restaurant or a cafe, you will also need professional food photographers in Pune who can help you get the exposure that your business needs.

  • How can a food stylist help you?
A food stylist can positively contribute to your food photoshoot by making it look unique and inviting. Let us find out how else a food stylist can help!

  • Convey a story: A food stylist is an expert in conveying stories through food. They work with lighting tools, props, and various techniques to bring the best out of your food photoshoot.
  • Save time and energy: A food stylist may also help you with food preparation. He/she can perform many jobs like buying groceries, slicing fruits and vegetables, dicing other ingredients, garnishing, etc.
  • Use stylish tools and props: They use stylish props that make the food look more attractive.
  • Keep the food to look fresh and delicious: Food stylists set their focus on the food presentation. They ensure that the food looks lip-smacking and fresh all the time. They have a few hacks and tricks up their sleeves that make the food and everything around look exquisite and attractive.

Every day, innumerable businesses are coming up and increasing competition. If you own a business in Pune, you may need a food consultant in Pune who can help you face competition. Food consultants are pioneers who are recognised for their excellence in the industry. You may own a food business in Pune or planning to set up a restaurant, restaurant consultants in Pune can help!

Do you need a professional food photographer?

In a competitive world, to succeed, you need to attract more customers to your business. To drive more traffic to your cafe or restaurant, you need excellent food stylists and a professional food photographer who makes your food look attractive, ensuring that the viewers crave it. While a food stylist can professionally display your food to make it eye-catching, a food photographer can capture it at the right moment.

  • How can a food photographer help you?
A professional food photographer uses special lighting, high-quality cameras, quality lens, knowledge, and the skills to make your food look perfect. Here are some of the advantages of hiring one!

  • A professional food photographer knows all the tricks and nuances of working with food. They capture an image in such a way that they create appetising images.
  • They create food art using favourable angles, lighting, scene settings, attractive representation, and balance the various elements in your food, in one frame.
  • They are also experts in capturing fleeting moments of various food items, making them appear fresh and in action.
  • They pay attention to minor details so that all the vital aesthetic of food creation can be captured.

When you look for a professional in Pune to help with your business, make sure to find the best food photographers in Pune who possess food photography cognisance.

Why choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting in Pune?

Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting are among the few professionals who cater to the increasing demand for a food consultant in Pune. We take pride in having an extraordinary team that consists of skilled food photographers, stylists, and filmmakers who offer excellent service to all our clients in Pune.

We believe that food representation can help a business grow, and hence we offer our creative best to help you grow your business. Our team of professionals has helped us be bestowed with a few prestigious awards, including Best Food Stylist for the year 2016 by ZEE Living Foodz Powerlist and Top 50 Master Chefs in India by the India Culinary Forum 2012. We are also recognised for having some of the best food photographers in Pune in our team.

At Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting, we have revolutionised how food is presented to the world. Our team of dedicated photographers, food stylists, illustrators, and prop stylists work together to bring out outstanding results to food creation. With some of the most talented restaurant consultants from Pune being a part of our creative team, we have found success in establishing yourself as one of the most sought after professionals in Pune. Advertising, designing, publishing, editorial and advertorial services, no matter what your need is, Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting can help you.






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