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What is a food stylist and how can a food stylist help me?

Every day, thousands of restaurants and cafes open their business in India, but only a handful of them succeed in having a loyal customer following. How do these businesses succeed while others are left to struggle? Have you heard of a food stylist? They are professionals who, with their creativity showcase food in a way that appeals to the eye. They can make any food stand out in the crowd and attract attention. Food stylists in India understand what piques the interest of Indians and how they can enhance their creative abilities to cater to their audience's interest. A food stylist understands the ins and outs of food preparation. Working closely with the top restaurant consultants in India as well as with some of the best food photographers in India, they know what makes a dish as appealing to the eye as it does to the taste buds. Some of them may have graduated from a culinary school as well. Besides, they also understand photography, videography, and film making, which helps them in styling the food. They make the food look its best, enough to make their viewer grab it from out of the page. Many upcoming food and beverage consultants in India have the expertise as food stylists and can improve your business. Food stylists in India can benefit you in several ways, but do you need one? If a makeup artist, hair stylist, model, and designer makes a successful fashion photographer, a food stylist makes a photographer one among the top food photographers in India. Their job is to turn a real dish into a piece of art captured by a camera, and the image must appeal to the audience. Food photography in India is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Several businesses hire some of the best food consultants in India to give their restaurants and cafes an opportunity to be among the top food businesses. Food stylists are a part of the consultant team that caters to the increasing demand for styling before it is photographed. Here is how they can contribute!

  • From the placement of the dish to the lighting, food stylists take all responsibilities to ensure that they convey a message through the photo.
  • They handle every aspect of the preparation, including shopping, chopping, and garnishing.
  • They are equipped with props that are used to stage the environment.
  • They keep the food looking fresh and enticing until at least the end of the photoshoot.
  • Photographers prefer them as they contribute immensely towards food photography in India.

Food stylists take up every responsibility that helps them add an oomph to the dish. From shopping for the ingredients to food preparation, platting, and setting the environment, they perform every duty that helps them create a masterpiece. They are painstakingly close to every aspect of the styling, which paves the way to the best food photography in India. They are the art directors of the food industry who ensure that your professional photography investment gets the return it deserves.

If you are looking for food and beverage consultants in India you may want to consider Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting, considered one of the best restaurant consultants in India.

Do you need a professional food photographer?

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the demand for different types of food. People in India have started accepting various cuisines that have led to the introduction of various cafes and restaurants, which has led to the rising demand for food and beverage consultants in India.

The country is witnessing a lot of competition in the food industry. In an attempt to attract new customers, businesses have started implementing new strategies. Did you know that most customers who walk into a restaurant for the first time order a dish that looks appetizing on the menu? Nearly 82% of customers order food after looking at an image of the dish. It only means that you need to find one of the best food photographers in India to help you! The photograph on your menu determines whether your client would like to try a dish. Pictures convey a message and have the ability to influence emotions. But not just any image. Most restaurants and cafes that are still in their infant stage use pictures taken by their employees. Though these pictures partially contribute to customer engagement, you will need one of the best food photographers in India if you want to stand among the best. We live in a world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media plays a vital role in determining whether a restaurant or a café can succeed in taking its place among the top. While the established businesses invest in the best restaurant consultants in India to help them, new and upcoming businesses can benefit from hiring a photographer. Increasing competition only means that you need to market your brand ideally. If you are a business who cannot hire the best restaurant consultants in India, you may want to look for a professional food photographer. Some of the top food photographers in India have experience in food styling as well. They are food photographers who may have gone to culinary school. They understand the ins and outs of food preparation. They have combined two different passions into one to become the top food photographers in India. Ask any marketing professional, and they will admit that social media is a vital tool that helps you promote your business. Now can you think about how you can improve your website and social media platforms to increase customer engagement? The first step to increasing the number of views is to make your content visually appealing. Did you know, content with an image is more inviting than content without? If you have an image with the content you post, you can get 94% more views than content without an image. There are many possibilities for improving the look of your website and social media platform, with attractive pictures and exciting videos being the most vital ones.
  • To ensure that your content stands out, you may need to depend on food photography in India. Additionally, it also helps to increase customer engagement to your social media platform. If you are still wondering whether you need a professional food photographer, here are some reasons why you do!
  • They understand the nuance of working with food and related products, something that other photographers do not experience. Their experience helps them create enticing food images and videos that help convey a message to the viewers.
  • They understand the ins and outs of food and photography. They benefit from the knowledge, which helps them find the right angle with favourable lighting and an ideal balance between all the elements.
  • They have the ability to capture fleeting moments dexterously. The freshness of some dishes remains momentarily, and food photographers skillfully capture these moments.
  • They pay attention to detail that a mediocre photographer fails to observe. They know that a minor delay in capturing, a slight difference in lighting, and the colours of the environment can affect the photo's aesthetics. Only a professional food photographer can create the right atmosphere.

While some upcoming businesses have started looking for the top restaurant consultants in India to improve their business, others are looking forward to hiring professional photographers to add visual appeal to their website. If you are one of them, you might want to call Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting, one of the top restaurant consultants in India.

Why Choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting In India?

Pioneers in the food consulting industry, we are highly esteemed to be one of the best food consultants in India. With a dedicated team of illustrators, prop stylists, food photographers, film-makers, and some of the best food stylists in India, we have successfully revolutionized the way food looks on a plate.

Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting is a team that has faced several challenges on our journey to becoming an award-winning team of food stylists, consultants, photographers, and film-makers. Some of the awards humbly accepted by us include the Best Food Stylist by Zee Living Foodz Powerlist Award for 2016 and the 2012 Indian Culinary Forum Top 50 Master Chefs in India.

We believe in offering what the client is looking for, and hence, we do not work for you. We believe in working with you as it helps us understand what you are looking for in your project. We value your perception of perfection and working alongside helps in concept development. We can bring your ideas and vision to life with the help of our creative team.

At Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting, creativity is tailor-made to benefit individual requirements. Our team works collaboratively to ensure consistency in execution, and it paves the way to outstanding results. Our team of passionate, experienced, and talented photographers, stylists, illustrators offer mouth-watering results. Every client is different from the other. They have different needs and beliefs. To cater to different perceptions, we offer a fully custom-made service. You may need a full-scale studio production or a small campaign, and we can tailor it to suit your needs. We have our own Studio Space, food photography team, a team of experienced chefs and food stylists, dedicated business consultants, office space, props and backgrounds, everything that is needed to run a full-scale studio production successfully. If you are looking for one of the best food consultants in India, call us!



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