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What is a food stylist, and how can a food stylist help me?

A food stylist is a professional food blogger who attractively styles food and showcases it through photography, videos, and film-making. Making food photogenic might sound so easy-peasy, but it's a hell of a job when you get to do it yourself. Food stylists use various tools and techniques to make food irresistible and delicious (both pictures or videos). Editing, too, plays an important part.

Hyderabad is the city of historical recipes, and food is an emotion for Hyderabadis. They take pride in their most straightforward 'khatti dal' and even the most lavish 'haleem'.

Food stylists find it challenging and fun to capture the entire essence of Hyderabadi dishes as there are many layers and flavours to it. Are looking for food representation or food consultants in Hyderabad? If you are a restaurant owner and want to add a real vibe to your food clicks, you must hire food photographers in Hyderabad.

Food stylists need to understand how the food is prepared, imagery, and videography to give it the absolute best look. Their job is to turn a real dish into a reel dish - so mouth-watering that the viewers would have the legit will to smash into the phone screen and wear down the dish. And the food stylists do their job amazingly, no doubt.

Now, here comes the question of all time - do you need a food stylist? Well, why not? Suppose you own a brand and you need to drive all the traffic and make people go Gaga over it. What are you going to do for that? I hope you would want to stave off any possibilities of people not appreciating your content. In that case, hiring a food stylist can help you a lot.

What a fashion designer, hair stylist does in fashion photography, that a food stylist does to food!

A food stylist plays a significant part when it comes to the actual photo shoot. From getting all the grocery items to plating the food on the scene, looking from every possible angle to get the perfect shot, food stylists do everything like garnishing it, spraying water or oil to give it that real-life effect. They even use tweezers to move around crumbs, an eyedropper to eradicate liquid, and so on. In this era full of Instagram influencers and food bloggers, everyone is a food photographer - or so they think. But even the best filter won't match the excellence of a professional food stylist. Do a little research when you are hiring a food stylist. He may have gone to culinary school as this profession is an intersection of two passions: photography in food. One thing to keep in mind is - photoshoot can be expensive. Therefore, you can choose a brand that won't cause a dent in your wallet. But professionals excel in making the food as captivating as possible, and in the end, it's all worth it! How can you expect your food stylist to contribute to the food photoshoot? A Food photographer from Hyderabad will help your food weave a tale like no other. Well, let us dive right into how a food photoshoot can benefit you.

  • Tell a story: A skilled food stylist will help convey the message of the picture. They would make all kinds of arrangements necessary - lighting, props, tool, techniques to stage the mood and make the photo shoot memorable.
  • Preps the food to save time: Once you hire a food consultant in Hyderabad, all you need to do is - sit back and relax. They would do all the essential work. They hire a food stylist and food photographer team to get the ingredients, spices, and grocery shopping. Stylists would add extra flavour by garnishing the dish and food photographers in Hyderabad make sure every little detail pops up for the photoshoot.

  • Equipped with props: Aforesaid, the professionals are highly equipped with props. They provide you with serving utensils, spoons, and all the additional props you need for a dapper photoshoot. Food consultants in Hyderabad come well prepared to elevate the looks of the dish.
  • Keeps the food fresh-looking: The way the food is presented is all that matters. Viewers do not get to taste it whatsoever, but the presentation will steal hearts and tease the taste buds. They are highly trained to know if the bread is getting soggy or the leaves are wilting.

  • Preferred by photographers: For all the reasons, food stylists and food photographers in Hyderabad go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam. Ask any food stylist, and they will have a food photographer ready at hand that you could opt for. This duo works amazingly well - they have similar resources, including cookbooks, quick service or editorial.

Experienced food consultants in Hyderabad pair together (food photographer and food stylist) to give the other brands a substantial competition and help you target more traffic for your brand.

Do you need a professional food photographer?

New hotels, top-notch restaurants and cafes open up almost every other day, giving the existing ones a tough fight. Writing just the dishes of the dishes on the menu or online won't help you attract more customers. You need to give the customers the benefit of the doubt and let them be the judge - for that, and you need to provide them with a vivid description of your dish and of course, the visual representation of how it looks. And that's that. Experienced restaurant consultants in Hyderabad make sure that they emphasise enough on food photography by a professional to capture the dishes' authentic taste.

The image of the dish and how appalling it looks will make the customers willing to taste it. The pictures need to be attractive (and mouth-watering) to influence emotions and stage the mood.

Therefore, it is easier for people to choose what they want to have if they see a picture at the menu's side. People would buy a meal only because it looks tasty works wonders for so many brand/restaurant owners out there. Food photography in Hyderabad is catching up roots, and the need for this skill is ever-growing.

So, do you need a food photographer to boost your food business? The answer is a definite 'Yes'. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a food photographer in Hyderabad when you are opening a food hub in Hyderabad city:

  • The food photographer in Hyderabad is aware of the market tactics (working with products or companies) that most people know nothing about. These intricate things enable them to create a delectable image conveying the beauty of the food. They know all about the angles, lighting, and details to balance the frame elements.
  • They are skilled to capture the 'fleeting' moments. For instance, they capture the picture of the freshly-made cake when it's all soft and delicious. Food photography in Hyderabad is a big rave these days as restauranteurs understand the need of these fleeting moments.

  • A food photographer pays heed to the little details - where to keep what, what to remove and stuff like that. They know how to create the right atmosphere, which fits perfectly in the frame, making it all the more attractive.
If you are looking for a food stylist and a photographer, you must consider hiring restaurant consultants in Hyderabad who can help you find the best professionals your business will need to flourish.

Why Choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting In Hyderabad?

Suppose you want your menu and restaurant hoarding to have the best-looking food dishes in the area or city. In that case, you have to hire professionals like Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting. They can create the necessary hype needed for your business-all through extremely well-tailored photos.

Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting are photographic engineers who know how to plate the dish’s elements for best impact. The team consists of professional food stylists, food photographers, food consultants, and chefs who will leave no stone unturned to shine your restaurant’s spirit. They have revolutionised the way people look at food photographers and have managed to captivate customers where there are extremely creative storytelling formats.

Our efforts have been well received and awarded as we have won accolades and awards for our skills.

We are known for our customised services to all our customers as we believe that every business has a different perception that needs to be replicated through food images. According to your business demands; may it be a small photoshoot or a full-scale studio production. If you are looking for a reliable team of professional restaurant consultants in Hyderabad who can help your business, don't hold back, contact us!






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