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What is a food stylist and how can a food stylist help me?

Did you know, you are not only satiated with the smell and taste of the food you eat, but also with how it looks? You may be served with the tastiest food ever cooked, and yet it may feel like any other meagre dish you have eaten before. That is because your taste buds are appeased, your olfactory senses are happy, but are your visual desires quenched? Making food attractive and appealing is an art. It is not as easy as many people believe it to be. As a chef or an accomplished cook, you may have the talent to decorate your creation to make it look attractive to those around you. You can have people drooling over the food, eagerly waiting to take a bite. But can a picture or a video of the food have the same effect? Can you take a picture of a cup of coffee that looks so attractive that the viewer would want to have one immediately? That’s where food stylists come in! If you are a Mumbai resident, you will find many service providers who offer food photography in Mumbai, but only a few are food stylists.

  • Who is a food stylist?
A food stylist is an artist who showcases food to make it eye-catching in photographs, videos, or films. In simple terms, food stylists make food photogenic. Food stylists are always armed with the knowledge of food and various techniques to make it look appetizing. They know the in and out of food preparation, and the knowledge helps them make any dish stand out. A resident of Mumbai may look at a picture of a cup of coffee taken by a food photographer in Mumbai and be reminded that they need to add coffee on their shopping list. The same resident would want to grab that cup of coffee when a food stylist styles it, and then it is photographed. While you look for some of the best food photographers in Mumbai, make sure to ask whether they are experienced stylists as well. Remember, the art of photography and styling go hand in hand. The best way to find both is to find the best food consultants in Mumbai. Food styling and photography is nothing short of fashion photography. While in fashion photography, the artist makes use of models, designer clothes, and make-up, a food stylist makes use of props to make food visually appealing. Food stylists make any regular dish mouth-watering, and food photographers ensure that their photography/videography complements the dish styled by the stylist. A food stylist and a food photographer go hand in hand. To help your business in Mumbai to flourish, you may hire the best food business consultants in Mumbai. Some of the top food and beverage consultants in Mumbai can help you find a path that can grow your business.
  • How can a food stylist help me?
Did you know, a food stylist plays a vital role in the photoshoot? From buying the grocery to prepping the food and plating it, a food stylist is a part of it all. They are painstakingly close to every aspect of food preparation. They concentrate on every aspect of the styling, from picking the fallen crumbs to arranging the props, spraying water or oil to the food, as well as wiping the spills. They act as art directors making the food look good. Some food stylists have a unique blend of two passions, food and photography. A food stylist in Mumbai you may have hired to improve your business might have gone to culinary school in addition to learning food photography in Mumbai. This unique blend helps them to style the food in a way that makes it attractive to anyone who looks at it. It is one of the best ways to promote a business in a competitive market.

Do you need a professional food photographer?

Digital media is growing immensely. Every day we see something new on the internet, that acts as a trend that is widely accepted by the viewers. Living in a big city, a meagre photo on the internet cannot help you. To survive as a restaurateur in Mumbai, you will not only need a food photographer in Mumbai but a stylist as well. If you are living in Mumbai and looking forward to making food attractive to improve your website, you might want to meet up with food and beverage consultants in Mumbai. A food photographer and a food stylist go hand in hand. While a food stylist makes food attractive, a food photographer ensures that the picture is attractive enough for the viewer to ask for it. The photographer determines whether they will influence the viewer into trying the dish. The question is, do you need a food photographer? Do you need restaurant consultants in Mumbai to help you grow your business? If you live in Mumbai, how can you benefit from the services rendered by a professional food photographer in Mumbai? Can food stylists perform the responsibilities of a professional photographer as well? Do you need the best food business consultants in Mumbai? While there are some food stylists who possess both skills, there is a misconception floating around is that a good camera is all that a food stylist needs to be a food photographer. Living in Mumbai, there are several skills you will need in addition to various photography tools and techniques to be one of the best food photographers in Mumbai. Did you know, nearly 82% of people buy a meal because it looks attractive on the menu? The picture of the dish stands out well enough to build trust between the customer and the business. Many times, employees of the restaurant throw some props around and photograph the dish. These images are used in the menu, as well as displayed on the internet. Some restaurants even use them as a decorative item to make their restaurant look pleasing. You can benefit from the images of your signature dishes as well! But would a picture taken by an employee using their mobile phone do justice to the dish? To ensure that your customers in Mumbai are attracted to the variety of food you offer, you may need a food stylist in Mumbai in addition to a photographer who can design your menu to appeal to your customers. If you are still wondering whether you need a professional photographer, the answer is ‘Yes!’ Food photographers understand the need to find the right angle and lighting to make a picture look appetizing. They have the skills to balance the elements in one frame. Many people believe that photographing food is an easy task. The food just stands there! Right? Well, if you are one of those people, it's time you give it another thought. When you hire restaurant consultants in Mumbai, you will realise that there is more to food photography. Some dishes need to be photographed in the precise moment that makes them stand out, such as tiny pieces of nitrogen-infused flower petals falling over the dessert. From composing the elements to look their best, to paying attention to detail, a food photographer must put in a lot of thought to create the right atmosphere. We live in a world where people express themselves via digital media. Several businesses in Mumbai have benefitted by hiring some of the best food photographers in Mumbai to make their digital marketing images look attractive. While the best food photography in Mumbai can help you reach out to some of the residents, to reach a vast majority of Mumbai residents, you will need one of the best food stylists in Mumbai as well. Digital marketing helps businesses reach out to a vast percentage of customers. A marketing professional would tell you that a picture that accompanies the content helps increase the views more than a content that does not have an image. Now think about how you can improve your business in Mumbai with the help of an accomplished food consultant from Mumbai!

Why Choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting?

Did you know it is human nature to be attracted to something new? Restaurants and cafes open up now and then, and unless you take action, you will fail to retain your customers. When competition in big cities like Mumbai grows and threatens your chances of survival, it is a sign that you need help from one of the best restaurant consultants in Mumbai. A pioneer in the food styling industry of Mumbai, the team of food consultants consisting of some of the highly regarded photographers and food stylists in Mumbai are all that you need to succeed. We, Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting, believe in sheer dedication and hard work, which is extremely rewarding as it has helped us face various challenges. We offer our services to various food sectors in Mumbai which makes us stand out as one of the best food consultants in Mumbai. Our dedication has helped us win the 2016 Best Food Stylist organized by ZEE Living Foods Powerlist Award as well as top 50 Master Chefs in India organized by the India Culinary Forum in 2012. We believe in working alongside our clients which helps us understand them better and bring the creative vision to life. Whether you need a full-scale studio production or a small-scale shoot, your requirements are tailor-made to meet your exact needs. From designing and advertising to editorials and various projects small and big, our studio space and experts' team can help! We are considered to be one of the best food and beverage consultants in Mumbai. As one of the most sought after food consultants in Mumbai, we have helped several businesses in Mumbai climb the ladder of success. Our award-winning team consists of food stylists, food photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, and food and prop specialists. We are a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. If you want to craft the perfect food campaign, you must reach out to the best food business consultants in Mumbai, Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting.






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