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What is a food stylist, and how can a food stylist help me?

A food stylist is a professional who showcases food for film-making, videography and photography purposes. Making your meals photogenic is not an easy task to do, and it requires help from a professional in this field. There comes the role of a food stylist who uses a wide range of techniques and tools to make your food look attractive, beautiful and lip-smacking at the same time. Chennai is the city where you can find quintessential food stylists who are experts and know the ins and outs of food preparation. The food stylists in Chennai are famous for their outstanding food preparation skills, photography, and videography. They can make your food look so mouth-watering that the audience wants to grab a bite over their laptop screens. Now the question arises whether you need a food stylist in Chennai! Like how a model, fashion designer and makeup artist are required for fashion photography, a food stylist is needed to picture food most exquisitely. A food stylist has many functions to perform:

  • Buying groceries
  • Prepping up the making
  • Cooking the meal
  • Creating a whole set to shoot
The food photographers in Chennai specialise in creating a beautiful scenario for any food to look beautiful and delicious. Nowadays, social media has given us the liberty to express ourselves in front of the whole world. Due to the freedom, amateurs and random people on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms consider themselves food specialists or stylists and offer their services as food consultants in Chennai. However, a food stylist has experience and cognisance of an art director and has attended the culinary school to develop skills. Remember that food photography is an infusion of food and photography, and these things go hand in hand. Thousands of food brands must get the most out of food photography to attract the audience towards your food products. The food photography in Chennai is famous all over India for its outstanding scene-setting and its beautiful ways of representing the food. You can easily find a food photographer in Chennai at very feasible rates. Yes, these specialists provide the best set-ups, lighting, styling and appropriate ways to picture food so that people will crave your food. If you’re looking for one of the best food consultants in Chennai, or may be food photography Chennai, there is good news for you! These professionals are a part of one of the pioneering service providers, Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting, who help their clients in many ways and take your food photoshoot to the next level. Here’s how.
  • A food stylist will convey your message through the food photoshoot, which will be adjusted with extra props, lightning, and more.
  • They also help save your time as they help their clients with grocery shopping, slicing, dicing, and cooking meals as well.
  • Their main job is to make the food look fresh and beautiful. Food stylists and photographers use various tricks and ways to make your food look perfect and delicious.

Therefore, finding the right food stylist can give you an edge over your competitors as you will have your customers craving food for more than ever. If you are looking for food photography Chennai, you must consider calling Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting. You can find some of the best food photographers in Chennai with us who can offer their services to help you get an edge in the industry.

Do you need a professional food photographer?

We live in a world of immense competition where one must act smartly to fight with the competitors and come out as a winner. Many cafes and restaurants open very frequently in the food business, and it’s not easy to attract maximum customers to your door. If you are seeking to open a restaurant in Chennai, you need restaurant consultants in Chennai who can help you steer through the market and attract customers. As per studies and research, around 82% of people buy a meal because it appears appetising and beautiful. Therefore, for the food to stand out and have more customer engagement, photography and marketing on social media are essential. You can hire one of the best restaurant consultants in Chennai to help you. There comes the need of a skilled food photographer. Professionalism is seen everywhere, and today, customers demand professional and aesthetic photography of almost everything they try and buy. If you run a cafe/restaurant in Chennai, you can seek help from food photography Chennai or some of the top restaurant consultants in Chennai. These experts not only know food and photography but also show professionalism in their work. They use attractive lightning, quality lens, beautiful set-ups, and professional skills to make your food look presentable. Some of the prominent advantages of a food photographer are mentioned below.

  • They know all the tricks and nuances of working professionally with food. These attributes help them create beautiful images of even essential food items.
  • These professionals are also experts in capturing fleeting photos and videos of “live” food items such as mixing milk in cappuccino, melting chocolate, etc.
  • They focus from minor to significant details that add a lot more beauty to food photography.

Why is Nitin Tandon considered the best food consultant in Chennai?

We take pride in having been able to revolutionise the way food appears and represents to the outside world. Our result-oriented, professional, and award-winning food photographers offer exquisite ways to present your food. Considered one of the best food consultants in Chennai, we have been recognised with various awards such as Best Food Stylist for 2016 by ZEE Living Foodz Powerlist and Top 50 Master Chefs in India the India Culinary Forum 2012. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting, we cater to our clients' needs by providing them with one-stop craft and food photography. We have a massive team of skilled food photographers, filmmakers, prop designers, illustrators and top food stylists in Chennai who works collaboratively to bring out the best in their creations. We make sure to keep our costs down and offer outstanding services to clients in food photography. Your needs are answered with our company as we deal in advertising, food photography, designing, publishing, and editorial requirements. We have our own Studio Space with artistic professionals, master chefs, and eminent food photographers who work together to make your food stand out above everyone else.






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