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Top 10 Food Styling Trends : Part I

How many times have you stopped by the bill-board with a picture of a burger with patties and cheese oozing out and thought “damn! I want this?” Our hunger pangs kicks in every time we see a delectable picture of an ice cream or fries. These pictures have the ability to appeal to our emotions. Big monies are spent by brands to make food absolutely scrumptious. Food photography will take branding and marketing from average to awesome. Arranging, decorating and enhancing food aesthetically is a very niche industry done by professional food stylists. Food styling is not just about decorating food but also making food delicious for the customer. The idea of food branding is primarily to evoke the customer to buy.

Food Styling for Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream
Food Styling - Ice Cream Works

So here, I am going to be presenting to you Top 10 Food Styling Trends of today that can help you get some perspective on Food styling and Food Photography.

To start with the first one:


Various platforms on social media bring life to food differently. Pinterest, Instagram, Chef's Table on Netflix, Master Chef on TV among other platforms have shown hands-down styling and plating of real food and how it can create that Magic. Food Styling with fake food is passé.

Food Styling for Breakfast Items - Starbucks
Food Styling - Starbucks

Delicious has improved with better screen resolutions on ordinary phones, TVs , camera technology like slow motion cams that give you food shots that will make you drool. Yes, Food porn really exists in a better avatar. Printing technology and new tech display hoardings are making food alive and more delicious.

Food Styling - Ice Cream Works
Food Styling - Ice Cream Works

Take for instance, McDonald's has always played the reality game, never cheat on size and look of their products. What you see is what you get.

What creativity you can display with “Real Food” is impeccable and incomparable with the fake food world.

Take a look at some of my food styling work with Real Food.

Watch out for my next article for the 2nd most interesting trend in food styling.

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