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Frequently Asked Questions What is a Commercial Kitchen? A commercial kitchen is a kitchen that prepares food for large customers. It may be situated in a home, bar, restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality setups. The food is prepared for sale and not to be consumed by an individual or a family. Commercial kitchens handle large order volumes, high turnover, and different food at varying preparation stages. Commercial kitchen requirements depend on the food served, order output, workforce size, and business turnover. If you want to shift from a traditional to a commercial kitchen setup, you may contact kitchen consultants in Bangalore to meet your needs. What functions should a commercial kitchen have? A commercial kitchen must support the following functions: Delivery Storage Food prep Cooking Service Dish return Cleaning In addition, you will require space for packing or distributing your food. You may gain a better perspective on this topic by contacting kitchen consultants in Bangalore. What are the types of equipment required in a commercial kitchen? To decide your equipment needs, first, you need to learn about your menu and the order output. Moreover, you must understand how the meals are cooked and prepared in your kitchen. Before buying the kitchen equipment, you must understand the space available in your kitchen. Some tools that you must include in your kitchen are: Ovens Frying vats Grills Fridges and freezers Hobs Dishwashers Large commercial sinks Dishwashing machines Moreover, a commercial kitchen must have an electrical and plumbing feature for food hygiene, staff safety, and comfort. These features include: Extractor fans Adequate ventilation and air conditioning Multiple high-voltage power outlets Plumbing that runs on various sources Pre-installed fire extinguishers In addition, you will require small kitchen wares and specific equipment based on the food you prepare. For example, if you sell pizzas, you will need ample space for a pizza oven. Likewise, a juice shop will require large refrigerators for storing fruits. If you want to start a commercial kitchen, you may contact commercial kitchen consultants in Bangalore for professional help. What should be the layout in a commercial kitchen? The layout in a commercial kitchen depends on how you want the workflow in your kitchen. Moreover, it also depends on the type of food you prepare. However, a few things that hold importance in your kitchen setup are multiple cooking and preparation stations to manage bulk orders. Furthermore, the kitchen shelves and counters must be made from heavy-duty surfaces that are frequently sanitised. In addition, the kitchen layout also depends on the advisory given by local or government health associations. For example, there must be a proper space between food disposal and preparation areas. The kitchen layout depends on various factors, including: Staff members and space requirement Pre-build features of the building Type of food you make However, tried and tested layouts work best for commercial kitchens. But if you want to make amendments to your kitchen space, you may consult commercial kitchen consultants in Bangalore. What is the difference between commercial kitchen equipment and conventional kitchen equipment? Many of us believe that the most significant difference between commercial and conventional kitchen equipment lies in their size. That is why small cafes and restaurants depend on traditional appliances for their food preparation. However, there are multiple differences between commercial and conventional kitchen equipment. Therefore, if you want to move to a commercial kitchen setup, you must upgrade your kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen setup differs in volume. For example, regular stovetops, refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers can prepare and store food in small quantities, particularly for a family. However, a commercial kitchen must have the space to prepare and store food for hundreds of diners. Another key difference between commercial and conventional kitchens is the quality. Home bakers and chefs do not use their kitchen tools and appliances for long hours. However, commercial kitchens have to use several tools continuously. That’s why their kitchen appliances are made of heavy-duty materials. Another point of difference is safety. The commercial kitchen follows local and state guidelines to ensure food safety. As a result, their equipment is designed to prevent food poisoning and other food-related diseases. Conventional kitchens do not follow such guidelines; therefore, they do not need to focus on the equipment’s material. If you are confused about your kitchen layout and equipment requirement, you may contact kitchen consultants in Bangalore. What are the benefits of upgrading to commercial cooking equipment? Upgrading to a commercial cooking setup can be intimidating at first. However, this upgrade offers immense benefits in the long run. Some benefits of upgrading to a commercial kitchen include: Improved food quality Improved food safety Produce unique menu items Decreased production time with automation More environmental friendly Reduced energy costs Increased efficiency Production of food in larger quantities You can avail these benefits by shifting to a commercial kitchen set up under the guidance of commercial kitchen consultants in Bangalore. Kitchen lighting ideas Some of the important things that come to mind while renovating the kitchen space are creating more storage areas, walls, backsplash and floor areas. Storage, utility, and lighting are significant while designing the kitchen for a convenient and functionally perfect cooking experience. Proper lighting will highlight the cooking space and make it look more appealing with all the modular kitchen designs. We have created a list of attractive lighting options to brighten up and set a lively tone for your kitchen. These ideas shared are royal, luxurious, stylish and as per the ongoing trend. They are ideal for a kitchen of any theme, size, and space. So do give us a read before starting on the designs to understand which lighting would be the best for your restaurant kitchen: Go for a Victorian chandelier for a classical look If you want to add a touch of old classical essence to your restaurant, a Victorian chandelier would be perfect for you. Moreover, you can add some light fixtures to the cabinets to complement them. If you want to make this chandelier the centrepiece of your kitchen, consider neutral lights on the walls (preferably white) and monochrome cabinets. You can also add metal handles to the cabinet for a more plush look. You can also place some tall wooden chairs to add a cosy warm vibe. Ceiling pendant lights cluster for a glistening look Modern kitchen design ideas need modern lighting to pull the look together. For that, a cluster of pendant lights on the top of your cooking space would be the best highlighting feature. You may also go with pastel-coloured walls for an elegant look. Moreover, opt for handleless cabinets and drawers if you are going for a more sophisticated look. LED lights strips can be used on the crockery shelves to get attention. You can have additional space for storage on the kitchen island, and the excess space on the top can be made into a perfect breakfast counter by placing tall chairs. Drop ceiling lights for an artistic look Drop-down ceiling lights in the kitchen can be a subtle yet bold way of highlighting particular areas such as the prep area, cooking area and eating area. Drop ceiling lights are available in different shapes and colours to accentuate the beauty of your kitchen. To make the kitchen look shinier, you may use metal-finish textured fixtures. You can also highlight the breakfast zone with some warm wooden panelling along with the drop-down lights. Spot and cove kitchen ceiling lights to highlight the wooden panels The kitchen ceiling can be designed with wooden panels and lights, giving a fascinating layered look to the ceiling. The wood panels add an element of warmth and closeness along with a natural sense to the kitchen. The ceiling lights would liven up the area. You can use spot or cove lights, or both in tandem as per the size of the kitchen. To complement the false ceiling design, wooden lamination on the cabinet and drawers would be a great choice. You can use lift shutters and handleless cabinets and drawers to make the kitchen more efficient. Track lighting for industrial kitchens The track lights are the ideal match for industrial kitchens. These kitchens have stylish cabinets and have a rugged touch to the brick aesthetics. It is a prevalent choice among the urban population. Track lighting can also be added on the ceilings or shelves with crockery for proper lighting and beautiful aesthetics. Spotlights for simple kitchens Get some simple LED kitchen ceiling lighting like spotlights if you seek a more minimalist look. It lightens up the blind spots and gives an effortless chic look to the kitchen. You may also use glossy laminates for the cabinets and drawers to get reflection creating an effect of a bigger kitchen. You can use LED strips to highlight the walls, cabinets and shelves. It is a simple yet elegant way to make your space look spacious and stylish. Cove lights for the warmth of kitchen walls Cove lights are an exciting way of highlighting the kitchen ceiling and adding a touch of gentleness. The brightly coloured kitchen cabinets would be an excellent way of catching the attention of young couples who prefer to cook together. You can also use a quartz countertop for a glossy look which would perfectly compliment the pastel hues of the kitchen. Finally, the strong chimneys and built-in bob would be an effective way to keep the kitchen oil-free. Rattan pendant lights for an earthy touch Rattan furniture and accents are a trendy and feasible option nowadays. They add a touch of nature to the space and go well with modern designs. Choose grey or wooden lamination for the cabinets and drawers. Modern kitchen attributes such as dustbin pullout, handleless drawers and cabinets, appliance garage and corner units make the kitchen more space-efficient. To match the rattan pendant lights, you may go for wooden dining tables with rattan chairs. Light panels for the false ceiling of the kitchen Light panels add a stylish factor to the existing false ceiling designs and make the kitchen space look bigger. It can also be an excellent option for smaller kitchen designs. You can make it the centre of attraction by choosing a POP false ceiling and lining it with LED lights. For a sparkly and shining look, go for glass finish textures for the cabinet and drawer laminations. Pantry pullouts, tall units and carousels are excellent ways of storage space utilisation to store the kitchen essentials. A large-sized balcony or window would be perfect for a natural light source and offer proper ventilation at the same time. Each aspect of building and designing the kitchen needs expertise, for which you may need professional advice. If you are looking for a restaurant consultant in Bangalore, you may contact Nitin Tandon. He is one of the top food consultants in Bangalore. He has helped several businesses and individuals establish highly profitable and successful restaurants. So if you are looking for one of the best restaurant consultants in Bangalore, visit our website and book an appointment today.

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