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Looking for a complete end-to-end solution for your brand? Talk to us, and we’ll help you set up the right brand imagery for your product needs.

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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting specializes in providing product photography, cosmetic photography, beauty & skincare product photography all over India.

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Frequently Asked Questions What is product photography? Product photography is a unique field of photography done for commercial use. The product can be any food or material. Usually, for product photography, the item should be small enough to be kept on a table for the shots. A professional product photography shoot aims to make the product look appealing and desirable. The images are used as display pictures for advertisements in all media, such as catalogues, brochures, websites, etc. In addition, product photographs are used for marketing purposes. You can see product photography on any website. Looking for a company for bodycare product photography in Mumbai? You may consider visiting us at NTFS for thorough product photography in Mumbai. Our wide range of beauty photography in Mumbai portfolios would help you navigate the options and choose the one for your product. Contact us for top-notch product photography in India. Why opt for product photography? One of the significant reasons to choose product photography for your items is to make them look attractive. Here are a few reasons to help you know how it is beneficial for your business: Improve sales: A consumer's first impression of a product is through its image. Whether searching for it on any website or other E-commerce platforms, the photos are crucial to make your brand stick out from the crowd. A good quality image makes your product stand apart and boosts sales. Customer's attention: The phrase don't judge a book by its cover is not so true regarding online shopping. An excellent professional photo of the product would create a good impact, increasing the customer's chance to buy it. It helps the customer to decide among all the existing products in the market. Want to grab your customers' attention and improve sales? Then get in touch with NTFS. We are one of the leading product photographers in Mumbai. Our experts are highly regarded among the top cosmetic photographers in Mumbai. So contact us for exceptional beauty & skincare product photography in Mumbai. Stand ahead of the competition: During online shopping on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., there are several sellers with similar products. The website shows all the similar products at a competitive price, ensuring the customer gets the best deal. To get customers' attention, you should put in the effort to make your product more appealing. Having professional photographs of your product would add a point to your brand. Enhances your brand value: The effort a company puts into the presentation of each product shows its brand quality. High-quality images show professionalism and generally indicate better products. A good photo of your product is a way to deliver your mission and story as a brand. It also helps to make them regular loyal customers. Low-quality pictures reduced the reputation of the brand. Want to grab all the benefits of product photography? Contact NTFS for product photography in Mumbai. We are a group of skilled and incredible product photographers in Mumbai. From bodycare product photography in Mumbai to makeup, we offer all the photography services. Contact us now to showcase your products in an appealing way using our incredible cosmetic and makeup photographers in Mumbai. You can also avail of skincare photography in Mumbai for your cosmetic company. What are the types of product photography? There is no barrier to product photography. A wide range of products can be photographed. It allows them to find their speciality product which they like to work on, find it inspiring, and get the best creativity on it. Here are a few kinds of product photography done: Solo shots: One of the most common types of product photography is individual images. In it, the product is the only focus and is usually done to highlight the product's features. Group shots: As the name suggests, it involves several products in the frame. It is usually done for skincare and makeup products of a brand. Group shots are also done for products on which there is an offer wherein the customer gets a free product on buying something. Group shots are popular in the buy one get one kind of advertisements photographs. Details shots: Details shots show the detailing of the product. They are close shots defining the features of the products, texture and look. For example, the product photoshoot of a jewellery box. In it, the detail shots show the intricate details of the design, the surface texture and the mechanism of its lock and key. They help you get a slight edge over your competitors. 360-degree shots: They are one of the particular kinds of images which give the customer a complete view of how the product would look in real life. For example, while purchasing a phone online, the 360-degree shots are instrumental in understanding how the phone would look in hand and the way it would feel. These shots require multiple photos, which are then made into one continuous image. At NTFS, our cosmetic product photographers in Mumbai can help you with all types of product photography. No matter what your business is, we excel in all kinds of photography techniques. So if you want bodycare product photography in Mumbai, book an appointment with us at NTFS. Lifestyle shots: Lifestyle shots are generally used for products that need to be tried for a better experience. They help to get the consumer an idea of how it looks when in use. For example, a person wearing a shirt in a meeting portrays the looks and is a lifestyle shot. Studio shots: They are staged shots which enhance the product's features much more than the actual product. Want to know more about cosmetic and makeup product photography in Mumbai? Contact us at NTFS to get complete detail on the type of photography suitable for your product. We are among the most renowned companies for cosmetic product photographers in Mumbai, catering to well-known brands. Get in touch with our product photographers in Mumbai at NTFS. Why is product photography important? Here are some of the reasons to invest in product photography: It helps the customer know about the product and its appearance during usage. Good quality images indicate the brand's effort to suggest a good quality of the products. It instals confidence in the customer to buy from you. Photographs are a better way to communicate than blogs due to their visual impact. Helps to make your brand identity. Photos of the product would be a deciding factor during purchase. Hence increases sales and turnover. Can be used for marketing purposes on all media. Professional product photography, instead of a stock photo, help show your product's unique features. Looking for a photographer for beauty & skincare product photography in Mumbai? NTFS is an ideal choice for makeup product photography in India. We are known for our excellent services and outstanding skills in product photography in Mumbai. Through the years, our cosmetic product photographers in Mumbai have gained an excellent reputation in the field, which can help your brand immensely. Why invest in product photography? Online shopping is very popular in the market right now. Hence, being on the e-commerce platform is the best way to scale up. However, there is a lot of competition, and to make your way to the top in this competition, it is essential to invest in good marketing techniques like product photography. They can be used on all social media platforms, email marketing and websites. Do you want professional product photography in India for your next product launch? We at NTFS have got you covered for all your needs of product photography in Mumbai. We have a team of product photographers in Mumbai who will bring out the best in your product and provide the best shots as per your requirement. Whether lifestyle-related or beauty and skincare product photography in Mumbai, we cater to all your needs. With us at NTFS, we take your business to the next level with good product photography in Mumbai. What is cosmetic product photography? Cosmetic product photography focuses on showing all the products in that brand range. In addition, it focuses on highlighting the features to get ahead of the competition. If you are searching for an experienced cosmetic photographer in Mumbai, you may get in touch with us at NTFS. We have worked with several brands, successfully helping them in their businesses. Contact us to learn more about our makeup photography in Mumbai. At NTFS, you can get some of the best cosmetic product photographers in Mumbai. Our beauty product photography in Mumbai is among the top ones in the country. 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