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Looking for a complete end-to-end solution for your brand? Talk to us, and we’ll help you set up the right brand imagery for your product needs.

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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting specializes in providing product photography, cosmetic photography, beauty & skincare product photography all over India.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q.1)What is product photography? The branch of commercial photography that focuses on presenting the product with its details and features appealingly and credibly is known as product photography. Whether online or offline, product photography plays a vital role in the presentation of a product. An appealing and informational product photo conveys its function and benefits to the target audience. Apart from that, they also help to build the brand/company and ultimately promote sales. At NTFS, you can find some of the best product photographers in India. We offer phenomenal beauty photography in India. Want to showcase your products exceptionally, then contact us now! Q.2)What benefit comes with product photography? The benefits that product photography provides are: Encourage Sales: The prime objective of professional product photos is to encourage customers to purchase. Images are used to highlight the function and aesthetic of the product. Hence, it convinces customers to buy your product. Develop a Brand: The white-background eCommerce images of the products are a typical example of this type of photography. The product photos help to build brands by creating everyday scenes around the product. It generates a certain mood and tone for the target audience. This product photography conveys the ideologies of the business. Enhance Product Appeal: One of the main aims of product photography is to enhance product appeal. Perfect lighting and a creative approach help boost the product's aesthetic. Hence, it makes the product more eye-catchy. Stand Above Competitors: Apart from having ground-breaking products, you should have clear, high-grade images on your website. It builds trust and helps you to make your position above competitors. Stand Out To Customers: Many social media news feeds are cluttered with different content and information that does not look appealing to the audience. You can use eye-catching content with product photography to build your brand and make an impact. It leads to more conversions in the process. Want to bring out the best of your products, then contact NTFS. We are one of the best product photographers in India. From skincare to makeup photography in India, you can avail yourself of services for all. So contact us now to make your products stand out with the help of incredible cosmetic photographers in India. Q.3)What are the different types of product photography? The product images can be of two types: Product-only photo Product-only photos are also referred to as clean-cut photos-only. They generally have white backgrounds, and the picture is taken from all relevant angles. Their bases are often clippings. Such photos are meant to provide as much information about the product as possible to the buyers without creating any distraction. Lifestyle photo Lifestyle photos are in-context pictures that show the products in a suitable context, like how the product is used, which environment it works the best in, and so on. The presentation could be with a real model, in a studio or at an outdoor location. They include various other objects along with products, thus helping the customers visualise the product in their own life. The image motif, style, composition etc., convey a particular image and build brand identity. Moreover, it also influences the perception of the product and the brand. The products can be presented in other forms as well. Several factors, such as the product itself, brand, requirements, and time and budget, influence it. No matter your needs, NTFS's creative eye and makeup photography in India can help you build your brand. Moreover, if you are looking for a photographer for product-only skincare photography in India? NTFS can help you with its best-in-field services. We have a team of one of the best cosmetic photographers in India. Q.4)Why are product photos so important? Visual content is important as images can help promote and sell products, especially in online businesses. In e-commerce, potential buyers rely on the information provided as text and images. As everyone wants to know about anything they buy, product photos become integral to decision-making. Hence they should provide consumers with accurate information and aesthetics. The better the product images, the more likely purchase will be made. Are you a cosmetic company looking for beauty & skincare product photography in India? Then contact NTFS, as we have some of the best cosmetics and makeup photographers in India. Moreover, our years of experience and outstanding skills have helped us become one of the best cosmetic photography companies in the world. Q.5)Why should you invest in high-quality product images? Whether you photograph your products for a magazine or online shop, the images should always be of the highest quality. The benefits of high-quality product images are: As it is the first thing buyers see, a good quality photo can grab their attention. Provide information about the features and functions of the product. Stand out among the competitors and help in building a brand image. Generate more sales with fewer returns. It can be used in various marketing channels. High-quality product images are crucial for a business's growth. Want to take your business to the next level with bodycare product photography in India? Contact NTFS. We are one of the best cosmetic product photographers in India. Q.6)Where can you use your product images? The product images can be used to inform, advertise and sell across multiple online and offline marketing platforms. As per the platform, you can choose the two types of product photography. For example, lifestyle photos are suitable for social media, websites, advertising, newsletters, etc. At the same time, product-only images are primarily used in online shops and marketplaces or informative print products such as brochures and one or two lifestyle photos. Moreover, product clippings can also be used to create additional product images. High-quality photography is the only and the best way to stand out in a saturated market. Your images should compel people to stop mindless scrolls by capturing their attention. As customers can't touch or feel your products, photography is the only way to encourage them to shop. With high-quality photos, your products can instantly elevate and show their value. Good quality photography is an investment that you need to make to help your business grow further. Invest in your business with premium quality beauty photography in India. Looking for a photographer? Then contact NTFS, as we have some of the best product photographers in India with several years of experience. Q.7)What is cosmetic product photography? Beauty photography sells things like makeup, skincare, hair products and jewellery. As fashion photography focuses on clothing, beauty photography aims to sell beauty products or accessories. Shooting beauty is one of the most crucial things to shoot. Most of it is shot in the studio using strobes and different modifiers. The beauty dish or a deep umbrella is ideal for shooting as they provide a soft look with well-defined shadows. A 7" silver reflector helps to provide a harsh beauty shot. Natural light is not used much as with beauty, the images need to be very sharp, and the products should be clearly shown. That is best executed using some sort of flash. If you are an up-and-coming cosmetic company looking to establish your brand, come over to NTFS for an appointment with one of the best product photographers in India. Not only can they help you with fantastic product pictures, but our cosmetic photographers in India are also appraised among the leading ones worldwide. Starting a new beauty online shop? Then you will need an experienced and skilled cosmetic photographer in India. NTFS is a team of photographers who will help you take your business from scratch to heights with their outstanding makeup photography in India. So book an appointment with NTFS now!

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