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We at Nitin Tandon are here to meet all your studio photography and videography requirements. We have some of the best photo studios in Mumbai. If you are looking for "Best Photo Studios Near Me", we here at Nitin Tandon provide all our photoshoot studio services such as:

1200sq Ft Space With 15ft Height

High-speed Wi-fi With Printer

Make shift Meeting Tables & Chairs

Fully Air-Conditioned

Colored Backgrounds For Photography

3 Phase Power Supply

Attached Prop Shop

2 Parking Space

Stills From Our Photo Studio

Ready to take your food business to new heights?

5000+ Props & Backgrounds

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions Why rent our photography studio? Because we do more than just Click!!! Our photo studio in Mumbai is a 1000 sq ft space, fully air-conditioned space. The area is divided into sections, so the main photoshoot area does not get disturbed. The larger part of the photo studio is the ‘major studio’ where large-scale photoshoots happen. Then we have a fully equipped kitchen to cook, fry, bake, etc., anything that is required for the photoshoot. We also have an attached prop shop where all our crockery, cutlery, props, etc., are there on display which can be rented. Our photoshoot studio in Mumbai also has a private cabin for meetings and an office area for peaceful work. If you need a photography studio in Mumbai, walk into Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio for everything under one roof experience. We are not about extravagance. It would be fair to say that we supply you with units needed to produce creatively exceptional product shots. What are the various facilities we provide? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is one of the best photo studios in Mumbai because of the many facilities mentioned above and the unseen creative possibilities. It has an attached ‘prop display shop where over 5000 different props, plates, bowls, crockery, cutlery, etc., is available to rent for photoshoot. Each time you shoot in our photography studio, you don’t need to seek other resources to find the perfect prop to match your perfect shot. When you pay for our photography studio on rent in Mumbai, you enjoy several facilities that come with it. We take pride in being one of the famous photoshoot studios in Mumbai, as our photo studio has everything in-house to help you craft your photoshoots as creatively as you want to. Being one of the best photography studios on rent in Mumbai, we also provide a fully equipped kitchen that will allow you to prepare the food items you want to shoot. Our photo studio on rent in Mumbai also provides you with a separate office area with full speed internet to go about with your work. Now you know that if you ever need a photoshoot studio for rent in Mumbai, you can come to Nitin Tandon’s Food Styling Studio as unprepared as possible. Will you help arrange the props for the photoshoot? As mentioned, our photoshoot studio for rent in Mumbai also provides an attached prop shop where props can also be taken on rent during the photoshoot. Do you offer editing services? We have our associates from the editing studios with whom we coordinate for every photo shoot and post-production services. If the client wishes for us to be the one-stop-shop for all photoshoot studio requirements, we are happy to do that. We can collaborate with our editing studios and coordinate post-editing services for your photoshoot. We are more than just a regular photo studio on rent in Mumbai as our facilities are perked to offer creative advantages. When you hire our studio for photoshoot in Mumbai, you do the best of everything. Benefits of hiring Nitin Tandon’s Food Styling photo studio on rent in Mumbai? Shooting in a photography studio could be daunting for some photographers. Instead, they opt for outdoor photoshoots because of this nagging fear of stepping into a professional studio or causing a dent in the wallet (budget constraints). Outdoor locations could be well and fine, but certain photoshoots require the studio. You can find the best photo studios in Mumbai. However, there are myriad benefits of shooting in a studio and both newbies, and established photographers can avail them. You can easily find a photography studio on rent in Mumbai. Photography studios in Mumbai give few amenities which you won't get outdoors. Let's take a glimpse at the benefits of renting a studio for photoshoot in Mumbai: Comfort: You want a space that is equipped for professional photoshoots. Now you can think of putting all the pieces together, but at Nitin Tandon food styling, we have the ‘everything under one roof concept. We also update our studio according to the latest development in the photography scenes. Being one of the best photo studios in Mumbai is hard work, and we are proof of it. Opportunity to use various equipment and props: There's this delusion amongst many photographers that outdoor shoots have scope for a vivid variety but can't it be achieved in professional studios? Yes, it can. Photography studios in Mumbai provide such cool vintage stuff, several furniture pieces such as stools, chairs, desks, different props, etcetera. To enhance the costume-game, they provide lucrative lamps, fabrics, attractive masks and what not! These props make your photoshoot to whole new levels adding the flavour of crispness and creativity to it. If you seek glam portfolios, photoshoot studios in Mumbai can help efficiently. Assistance and help: Some photographers might encounter a feeling of intimidation whilst working in a studio; however, the majority of studio owners are highly experienced photographers who make you feel at home and are always eager to guide and help. A photoshoot studio for rent in Mumbai is easily accessible. It’s a kind of learning experience when you rent a studio as it allows creating - you can learn some fantastic tips and tricks, lighting techniques, posing angles that will benefit you immensely in your routine work. The studio staff would also help you with equipment and other good stuff. You can find some of the best photo studios in Mumbai. Enhanced control of the environment: The most significant advantages that the best photo studios in Mumbai provide are that the photographer will control various production aspects. While outdoors, worry about rain, wind, temperature, and other variables. You don’t face these situations in a studio, and they can even control lighting more effectively at studio shoots. You can control the surroundings during the studio shoot and maintain consistency during the entire project, irrespective of the project’s length. For example, in our studio for photoshoot in Mumbai, the lights remain constant; that is, the lighting is the same from morning to evening without any natural interference. It is also possible that you can create an entirely new set using the spaces and props. The main objective of creating an alluring scene to photoshoot your product is entirely possible. The above-listed benefits will surely motivate you to seek out the best photo studio for your product, and Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio could be it! Tell us more about your food styling services. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is a Video & Still Photography Production house with over 30 years of experience in the Food industry. We’ve put together a talented team who can deliver high-quality videos and photography production services and video and photography content creation for your social media needs. Nitin Tandon himself, being a Chef, Restauranteur and Food Stylist for over two decades, have a deeper understanding of food. Hence, we can create and provide “solutions” for different food-related content, from conceptualising to every element’s execution. The idea of one size fits all solutions don’t sit well with us. We are all about being tailored and objective. Nitin Tandon’s photo studio is known for offering value for money with better results and build long-standing relationships with clients. To help businesses of all sizes, we have a modular pricing policy. Be it established brands, creative agencies, start-ups or emerging brands, all of them can rely on us to deliver results.






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