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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting specializes in providing product photography, cosmetic photography, beauty & skincare product photography all over India.

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Frequently Asked Questions What is product photography? Product photography is a specialised field wherein commercial products are photographed to make them look attractive and desirable. They are focused on highlighting the features in a presentable and authentic manner. They are used for both offline and online purposes. The effort put into professional product photography is instrumental in conveying the details and features of the product. It also helps build brand value in the eyes of the customers and has a positive impact, thereby increasing the trust and sales of the product. Want to get more details about beauty photography in Hyderabad? Contact us at NTFS for complete information and guidance as per your product and niche. We provide all kinds of product photography in Hyderabad. What are the advantages of getting product photography? Product photography is the professional way of presenting your product. Here are a few reasons which would make you want to invest in product photography: Enhances sales: The main reason for presenting the product in such an attractive way is to boost sales by making the customers want the product. With the right detailing of the features, the customer would think that your product is the right one for them. Brand building: Whenever you think of big brands, the common thing in all of them is the white background e-commerce image. However, there are a lot more details behind it. Lifestyle brands usually focus on how their products look in usage. They link certain emotions and moods to their products, developing a core memory. Product aesthetics: The primary purpose of product photography is to enhance the product's looks. With a touch of creativity and lighting, the product looks much more attractive and gets customers' attention. Sets apart from the competition: In this era of e-shopping, only having a solid product is not enough. The brand should have an online presence to get the customers' attention. There are multiple companies with similar products. Hence, it is necessary to have an attractive product apart from the competition to drive sales. Maintain active social media, interact with your customers, and post regularly with the help of a content calendar. They are crucial in building a customer base. Are you looking for a company for skincare photography in Hyderabad? You may consider contacting us at NTFS for top-notch skin care photography in Hyderabad. Our primary focus is to enhance the aesthetics and quality of the image, capturing more attention. So get in touch with our cosmetic photographers in Hyderabad at the earliest. What are the types of product photography? There are two types of product photography: product-focused and lifestyle photography. Product-only photos, also known as clean-cut photos, focus entirely on the product. They have a white background from every angle. It shows the product's features from all angles to give the customer complete information about it. Lifestyle photography involves the product being in use in a general context. It shows how the product is used or how it looks or shows the product in a suitable environment with other elements. For example, the photos can be with a model in a studio or some outside location with other elements. These photos help the customer understand how the product would look on them in real life. The style, image motif and overall composition also convey the brand identity. There are multiple ways of presenting the product. The presentation depends upon the type of presentation (brand), the prerequisites, time and budget. At NTFS, our cosmetic product photographers in Hyderabad work dedicatedly to bring out the best for your brand. So get in touch with us for all bodycare product photography in Hyderabad. Why is product photography important? In this era of online shopping, the first thing which attracts the customer is the product photo. Therefore, it is important for social media campaigns and marketing. While shopping from the website, the images are the only way to understand the product and deciding factor for purchase. The customer would buy it only when they are satisfied with the product images and know it. Thus, photos are incredibly crucial in helping the customer decide. The more the images look and provide an in-depth view of the features, the more convinced the customer would be of increasing the conversion rate. Level up your business by investing in product photography in Hyderabad. It would not only build brand value but also improve the conversion rate. Get in touch with us at NTFS for all kinds of cosmetic photographers in Hyderabad. The photos must convey the brand's quality and message in the most precise manner. Only a skilled photographer can bring out the best of your product. At NTFS, we have some of the best cosmetic product photographers in Hyderabad who use their creativity and add dimensions to your product. Why should one invest in good product photography? The sole reason to invest in product photography is to enhance the value of your product. They are used in various promotions such as magazines, catalogues, advertisements, websites, etc. Good quality professional images: Grabs customers' attention and is the first mode of interaction between potential customers and products. Shows all the features and details of the product with good lighting. Helps to stand ahead of the competition among all other businesses with similar product Boosts sales Actively used in promotions and marketing. If you are looking for cosmetic photographers in Hyderabad, get in touch with the experts at NTFS. Our cosmetics and makeup photographer in Hyderabad are recognised among the best in the country. Where is product photography used? The high-end images are used on all platforms and marketing channels for promotions, both online and offline. Depending on the purpose, some photos might be more suitable than others. For example, while product focussed images are more suitable for online marketing, lifestyle photos are more suitable for newspapers, websites, social media, etc. In product clippings, more than one photo is used to create more images. As a business, you should ask yourself and the experts a few questions. Are professional photos worth the investment? How would it be beneficial for the business? Having a good product is worth all the marketing investment. Good quality photos are the only way to stand ahead of the competition where multiple companies have almost similar products. The photos should be captivating enough to make them stop searching further and get their complete attention. While looking for products online, the customer can't touch and feel the product. Thus, the only way to get them an authentic experience is by giving complete details of the features. You can also use 360-degree shots to give a better experience to your potential customers. A beautiful photograph will instantly leave an impression of a good brand on the customer, increasing the chances of purchase. It also represents the brand's effort in each of its products and the way they value its customers. Thus, the money spent on product photography is an investment in the long term. If you search for a cosmetic photographer in Hyderabad, you may get in touch with NTFS. Our services include professional product photography in Hyderabad of all kinds of products. We have partnered with several brands for beauty and skincare product photography in Hyderabad and helped them elevate their value. So whether you are looking for makeup photography in Hyderabad or any other kind of product photography in Hyderabad, NTFS experts will be suitable for you. What is cosmetic product photography? Beauty products photography is mainly done for makeup, skincare products, hair and jewellery. Fashion photography is focused on clothes; similarly, beauty photography is focused on beauty products. A good product reaches the top of the market when it is marketed in the proper manner. If you are searching for a cosmetic product photographer in Hyderabad, you can contact us at NTFS. We have a team of cosmetic photographers in Hyderabad who would use their creativity and bring out the best in your product. We have an excellent reputation in beauty photography in Hyderabad. So book an appointment at NTFS with our cosmetic product photographer in Hyderabad today!

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