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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting specializes in providing product photography, cosmetic photography, beauty & skincare product photography all over India.

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Frequently Asked Questions What is product photography? Product photography is a commercial form aiming to present a product in the most aesthetic photographic representation. Product photography makes use of proper tools for lighting, background materials, sharp camera focus with adequate depth of field, advantageous camera angles and careful editing. Professional eCommerce photography allows customers to make better choices between different products. Thus, it is advised to use professional product photographs to stand out in the marketplace. With advancement, there have been some new types of product photographs that benefit businesses and buyers. NTFS is a team of product photographers in Bangalore with years of experience and exceptional skills. We are known for professional and phenomenal product photography in Bangalore. Want top-level makeup photography in Bangalore? Then get in touch with NTFS and let our expert cosmetic photographers in Bangalore handle your needs. What benefit comes with product photography? Here are some of the benefits of product photography: Product image quality speaks about your brand Product photography is a long-term investment to build an image for your business. Professional product photography communicates your business with a professional, valued, creative, and innovative vision. It encourages your customer that your brand is what they need and want. Thus, it motivates them to become loyal and regular customers. Professional product photography not only brings quality to the product but also provides credibility to your brand. Helps in decision making We are visual-oriented creatures; thus, images play a vital role in building first impressions. Furthermore, statistics have proved that 93% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on visual appearance. Therefore, if the image is worth it, it will attract loads of website visitors. Want to uplift your brand's image among your customers? Then get in touch with NTFS. We are one of the leading cosmetic product photographers in Bangalore. Our experts are highly regarded among the top cosmetic photographers in Bangalore. So contact us for exceptional beauty & skincare product photography in Bangalore. Professional product photography is a skill. It requires specific techniques and equipment to take the images capable of making a sale. Various steps are involved after clicking a photo, such as editing and retouching. A skilled and experienced product photographer is required to create powerful images besides quality cameras and the backdrop to lighting. A professional studio has a set-up gear to provide the products with high quality and images. Boost the engagement Beautiful and compelling product photography boosts the engagement of the product. Everything should engage the audience's attention, from the image quality, subject to colours and concept. Professional images are a perfect tool to form a long-term relationship with your customer. Photos that tell a story will meet customer expectations. It has been found that 22% of online products are returned because the items differ from the photos. That is why professional product photography that tells the right story increases your customer's expectations and, at the same time, removes their doubts. Want to grab all the benefits of product photography? Contact NTFS for product photography in Bangalore. We are a group of skilled and incredible product photographers in Bangalore. From bodycare product photography in Bangalore to makeup, we offer all the photography services. Contact us now to showcase your products in an appealing way using our incredible cosmetic photographers in Bangalore. You can also avail of skincare photography in Bangalore for your cosmetic company. What are the different techniques of product photography? Here are the different techniques of product photography: Ghost Mannequin Technique Photoshop can do the ghost mannequin technique. This type of product photography looks like someone is wearing the cloth, but the wearer is not visible. Product Photos on a White Background The white background puts the sole focus of the shot on the product. It forms crisp and sharp images that enhance the product's details. Paper, vinyl, canvas or muslin can be used as a white background. At NTFS, our cosmetic product photographers in Bangalore can help you with all types of product photography. No matter what your business is, we excel in all kinds of photography techniques. So if you want bodycare product photography in Bangalore, book an appointment with us at NTFS. Lifestyle Photography Lifestyle photography is where people pose in crafted scenes to showcase that they are naturally doing some act. The pose describes their "lifestyle." This type of photography determines the lifestyle gain that customers receive from the product. Amazon Product Photography Products sold on Amazon have entirely different categories of product photography. Amazon has strict requirements for product listing pages, which is why it has a different category. Every photograph on Amazon should be a square 1,000-by -1,000 pixel image in RGB format, saved in JPEG, TIFF or GIF format. The image must fill 85 per cent of the frame. 360 Product Photography In this technique, the photographs are taken from different camera angles of a product. They are then assembled using software which gives a 360-degree product view. For this technique, photographers use a 360-degree turntable, move the product in small increments, and click the photograph. At NTFS, you can have the services of some of the best cosmetic and makeup photographers in Bangalore. Contact us now for skincare photography in Bangalore. Fashion Photography Fashion photography involves the model wearing clothing in some exotic location or ensembles with a motif. It can be taken into a studio, the beach, the street or the runway. It requires a unique skill set as models can be in motion in areas where the lighting may not be easy to control. NTFS has some of the most skilled and professional product photographers in Bangalore. Everyone can choose the one that suits them the best. Are you looking for a cosmetics and makeup photographer in Bangalore? NTFS has some of the best cosmetic photographers in Bangalore who have a creative eye and exceptional photography skills. We can help you build your brand quickly and effectively. So contact NTFS now for beauty photography in Bangalore. Why are product photos so important? The product photos are necessary because of the following reasons: Make you stand out Businesses and customers these days have become visual-oriented. Whether it is a physical or online store, people go for visuals. A nice photo on a white background is no more sufficient to attract consumers' attention. Build brand identity A brand identity is what helps consumers differentiate from their competitors. Professional product photography adds value to your project and builds your reputation. Consistent branding goes a long way. Thus, the professional product photography is a necessary tool for any business. Provides visibility to your product It has been found that content with featured images is shared more often across social media channels. Thus, the more the content is shared, the more it gets visibility and consumers. If you are looking for cosmetic and makeup photographers in Bangalore who can help build your brand and make you stand out from the crowd, come over to NTFS. Our skincare photography in Bangalore is highly recognised as among the best in the country. Moreover, you can get in touch with our experts for makeup photography in Bangalore. Build trust With online shopping, consumers only have your word and the images to reach out to the customers and tell their stories. If your product image is hiding something or not conveying the whole story, you might lose your consumers' trust. Hence, you should use product photography as a tool to answer questions and clear all your doubts. Increase conversion The main goal of product photography is to convert the audience into customers and increase sales. The primary and most crucial challenge consumers face while shopping online is that they cannot physically examine the product. Instead, they have to rely completely on the visuals for this information. Hence, photography must do justice to your products. Reach mobile audiences The image-based platform such as Instagram has become significant platform for business. It is no more just sharing photos and videos of yourself. It has become a central platform for using online strategies. Looking for a photographer for beauty & skincare product photography in Bangalore? NTFS is an ideal choice for makeup photography in Bangalore. We are known for our excellent services and outstanding skills in product photography in Bangalore. Through the years, our cosmetic product photographers in Bangalore have gained an excellent reputation in the field, which can help your brand immensely. Why should you spend on high-quality product images? Content marketing has become one of the most important tools to boost your business and build an identity for your brand. It is the best way to connect with the audience. However, it needs more than just written text. Your marketing needs to get noticed, which is done with the help of images. Product photography is a way to complement your content, grab readers' attention and improve your Google ranks. Images are the best tools to get better results from written content. 80% of visitors are more likely to read content with an image, and 64% to remember what they read. You have three options to get an image: stock images, click the photos by yourself or hire a professional photographer. The best is to hire a photographer as original photography shows better results. The images that feel authentic are the ones customers respond more to. For every business, professional photography is an important asset that contributes to the business's success. Invest in your business with high-quality makeup photography in Bangalore. It is vital for any business's growth. So take your company to the next level by choosing the best cosmetic product photographers in Bangalore. Contact NTFS for all kinds of beauty photography in Bangalore. You can find some of the best cosmetic photographers in Bangalore at NTFS. Where can you use your product images? Many business owners consider professional photography a way too costly and unnecessary expense. They believe that any employee can take the images, or they can simply use stock photos available online. Though it is an option available, no matter what business you are in, investing in professional photography is always wise and recommended. High-quality photography is what makes the business. However, it requires more than just having a good camera. Creative eyes, imaginative skills and unique editing skills together help to bring out the best of the products. Hence it is always the best option for professional photographers to take your products' images. No matter your business, it is important to have premium quality product photography in Bangalore. Want a professional photographer for makeup photography in Bangalore? Then contact NTFS, as we have a team of excellent cosmetic photographers in Bangalore. What is cosmetic product photography? Beauty photography is a form of photography that involves shooting close-up images of subjects. It highlights the attractive features. It can be done for editorial, commercial, or personal purposes. Per the shoot's theme, this genre uses its subjects to convey emotions to the viewer, such as happiness, innocence, or seduction. The beauty portraits are intriguing in an artistic sense. It aims to highlight certain products like makeup, skincare, hair accessories, or jewellery. So, if you are setting up an online or offline business, it is necessary to market your brand properly with professional product photography in Bangalore. At NTFS, you can get some of the best cosmetic product photographers in Bangalore. Our beauty photography in Bangalore is among the top ones in the country. So get in touch with NTFS today!

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