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Who is Nitin Tandon? Nitin Tandon is an award-winning Food Stylist and educator along with being a Chef and Restaurateur with more than 30 years of experience. Nitin Tandon and his food stylist experts create high-quality videos and provide services like still photography in the F&B industry which have created quite a sensation in the food scene. Nitin has the unique ability to change your mood by enhancing your food's appearance and taking it to another level. He has also styled food for some of the most famous and prestigious television commercials and Bollywood films. Despite being extremely challenging, his favorite food to style or design is ice cream. In fact, Nitin jokingly says that he might have been born in a kitchen, especially in an ice cream tub. He started the journey of cooking and styling food at the age of 12 when he started making omelette’s after following his brother. His father approached food more creatively and artistically and it is from him that Nitin picked up his artistic flair of styling food. In hopes of working in extravagant and popular hotels or glamorous restaurants, Nitin Tandon became a student at the Food Craft Institute, located in Pune. It was then that he was deeply smitten by everything related to food and started working at the Taj Mahal, Mumbai and The Oberoi Kitchens. Nitin launched his own chain of restaurants and banquets in 1992 which went on to achieve tremendous success in the coming years. Through his experience, passion and his creative panache, he has been able to generate eye-catching and mouth-watering content that has changed the way food is prepared and styled all over. What are the services that NTFS provides? Food Styling: AT NTFS, our aim is to provide unparalleled food styling services through video and print. Food styling is the process of playing with or creatively styling food arrangements so that it gets an improved appearance, and taste, and looks fresh. If you look at any random article on the internet, you will find that it has simply defined food styling as arranging or plating food so that it looks good while plating. However, food plating is so much more than that. You cannot be a food stylist if you do not have the imagination or creativity to enhance the appearance of the food to a different level with the help of an additional ingredient to the frame. A lot of restaurants hire food stylists to help differentiate their marketing campaigns and create professionally appealing food pictures. In recent years, food marketing does not include or revolve around pamphlets or menus anymore. However, food styling does not have any limits, and the more experience you have, the better is the output. The central aspect or foundation of food styling consists of the prettiest and the freshest available food and presenting it in the best way possible so that it is immensely pleasing to the eyes. At NTFS, we have mastered this skill and provide formidable services in the field of food styling. If you are looking for food styling services, contact Nitin Tandon Food Styling Stills and Production. Stock images: Stock images are readily available after paying a fee to the creator and the artists who produce them. You can use them legally however you want, and the creator maintains the work's copyright.

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