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​You Might Want To Look At Who is Nitin Tandon? Nitin Tandon is a Food Styling and Consulting expert along with being a Chef and Restaurateur with more than 30 years of experience. He had an in-depth understanding of food, and it enabled him to make and give advice or solutions to any food-related problem. It is done after making a clear concept and then executing it accordingly. Nitin Tandon and his food stylist experts create high-quality videos and provide services like still photography in the F&B industry. Nitin Tandon has the unique ability to change your mood by enhancing your food's appearance. Tandon is an adventurer and has received training to be a chef, as well as launched several popular Pan Asian restaurants in Mumbai. While launching these popular Pan Asian restaurants, he also designed food for some of the most famous and prestigious television commercials for around 30 years. Despite being extremely challenging, his favourite food to style or design is ice cream. Nitin Tandon jokingly says that he might have been born in a kitchen, especially in an ice cream tub. He started the journey of cooking and styling food at the age of 12 when he started making omelettes after following his brother. Nitin Tandon added that his mother was an excellent cook, but his father approached food more creatively and artistically. In hopes of working in extravagant and popular hotels or glamorous restaurants, Nitin Tandon became a student at the Food Craft Institute, located in Pune. It was then that he was deeply smitten by everything related to food and started working at Taj Mahal, Mumbai and The Oberoi Kitchens. Moreover, he fell in love with a girl who worked as a patisserie chef, and they were later married. After getting married, Nitin Tandon and his wife started their journey as entrepreneurs in 1992 by launching several restaurants and banquets. He also started styling food for photographs in the advertisements for television and still photographs for several companies. Nitin Tandon Food Styling and consulting agency is an excellent place if you want to set up a new restaurant or expand your existing one. ​What are the services that NTFS provides? Here are some of the services which are provided by the Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting agency: Food Styling: Food styling is the process of playing with or creatively styling food arrangements so that it gets an improved appearance, taste and looks fresh. If you look at any random article on the internet, you will find that it has simply defined food styling as arranging or plating food so that it looks good while plating. However, food plating is so much more than that. You cannot be a food stylist if you do not have the imagination or creativity to enhance the appearance of the food to a different level with the help of an additional ingredient to the frame. It can also be done by changing the position of particular crockery. A lot of restaurants hire a food stylist to promote their marketing campaign to a different level and in a different fashion altogether. In recent years, food marketing does not include or revolve around pamphlets or menus anymore. However, food styling does not have any limits, and you can easily learn more about food styling at a professional and beginner level. The central aspect or foundation of food styling consists of the prettiest and the freshest available food and presenting it in the best way possible so that it is immensely pleasing to the eyes. Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting agency has mastered this skill and provides the best results. Food and beverage cooking: Food and beverages play a significant role in achieving the desired body goals of the F and B industry players. Experts or food and beverage consultants are the people who can bridge the gap and help you achieve the desired results. They are highly trained professionals and share their knowledge and expertise to educate their clients on various topics related to the industry and smoothen operations. They also help provide solutions to management problems and promote or improve their clients' business. Moreover, Nitin Tandon himself is a food stylist with excellent culinary skills. So he would be perfect at helping you design your menus and recipes. Mapping of food and beverages in a set-up: One of the most significant drawbacks of the F&B industry is the enormous wastage of food due to poor data collection. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire F&B consultants to collect the correct data. The experts will help get the accurate number and the combination of food and beverages to reduce wastage. Zoning of food and beverages: After mapping, the next important step is to find the location of the F and B outlets. Location is a crucial aspect of the restaurant, and if the location is good, it will bring in more profits. The process of finding the perfect location is also known as zoning. Another way of increasing profits in a restaurant is finding a good seating arrangement and the number of seats available in a restaurant. The food and beverages consultants collect the data regarding the restaurant, location, demographics, the area and other factors. Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting agency is excellent at zoning the F&B outlet locations and providing the most fantastic surroundings for your establishment. If you are looking for a food stylist, contact Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting. Nitin Tandon and his food stylists and consultancy experts can help you with the MEP as well as video production for the marketing of your establishment. Stock images: Stock images are readily available after paying a fee to the creator and the artists who produce them. You can use them legally however you want, and the creator maintains the work's copyright. If you want your menu and recipes to be excellent in every aspect, you should look for Nitin Tandon and his food stylist experts online. He is excellent at his job and has everything you need to know. Moreover, if you are looking to establish your restaurant or cafe or want to expand your existing one, get in touch with the team at Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting agency.

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