Styling with the Models

April 21, 2016

Taking great pics of food is a hard earned skill after all, that’s the reason why some trained experts are called for such jobs. What separates magazine- worthy images from less impressive ones; isn’t a fancy camera or expensive equipment. It is an understanding of what it takes to compose an appealing image and the confidence to execute your vision in the best possible way.





We stylists work not only with food but with models too. We have to work with them on different platforms of media like, print, television advertisements, films, and hoardings. This is the time when a lot of interactions with the superstars take place and every single thing needs to be fit and well in place and cooked well before it is presented to the models and stars.





Sometimes, models are called only for hand shots or bite shots. Shooting these pictures can be tricky and difficult too. You need proper handling of the food. Neither short cuts nor food styling tricks can be applied here. 








The most challenging part lies where the food that stylists prepare is only for the camera; when models are involved the food needs to be the hero but should be tasty and well-cooked too. That's when the chef in the food stylist comes to action and handles the situation well.




There are times when we need to get creative with props and this brings the images to the whole new level.



It is really essential to keep a few tricks handy while a lot of elements are involved as the main hero will always be the food. Let's have a look at some of them:-


1) Always choose the plates wisely; round plates are always easy to handle and prep when kids are involved. These plates are shallow and the food can be seen easily.


2) Always add dimension and personality to the dish; napkins, cutlery, glasses always help to fill the composition and make the images look more engaging. The color of side accessories should complement the food and enhance it well.


3) Always garnish the dish. Any condiments or a hint of fresh herbs always improves the quality of the dish and makes it look fresh, even though the food is to be eaten make sure the garnishes are well in place for the plate to look more appetizing.


4) Be sober with the backgrounds; make sure the color of the backdrop is subtle and not eye catchy as it can disturb the food and the images may turn dark.


5) Interact with the food; always keep a spoon or fork in the bowl or the plate for the models to play around while they enjoy the food and the pictures are clicked.





A great picture can never be clicked by fluke. You always need to be sharp, attentive and alert in what is happening around you and always be the boss; that you already are! As it’s rightly said “Every experience makes you grow!” thus working with food and delicately handling it will always grow on great chefs.


Happy Styling!

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