Styling Food - Indian Culture: Breads

February 23, 2016

No Indian food is complete without the bread. These breads have stark difference in their shape, size, ingredients and taste. Each region has their imprints in cuisine and also in the method of cooking these flat breads. Typical Indian bread is prepared using the flour of wheat, rice, corn or lentils.



These soft fluffy breads form the staple food in a common man’s life. And it is listed as a tricky product for a food stylist when it comes to plating.




The key to fluffy puri’s for the camera is to fry them on very slow heat and allow them to fluff and turn crisp over hot oil. Once the puri’s fluff, they need to be immediately styled before the air releases and the puri’s turn flat. Till the perfect puri shot is not achieved the chef in the kitchen keeps the kadai handy and the puri’s keep flowing in for being styled.



The rotis and chapattis are styled in a different manner and they remain fluffy as long as you want them. Yes you heard it right! The puffed roti is artificially stuffed with cotton with a slit in the back and all the corners are filled with delicate fingers to get a perfect roti for the camera. This process can be time consuming and tiring. Yet we stylists do our best and make our clients happy. This trick has been used in the media industry for generations and it will continue further too.


The only trick to keep the paranthas looking fresh is to keep brushing them with warm oil, and placing similar size cardboard pieces in between two flat breads to show the separation and allow the light to penetrate.



These Indian breads can be enjoyed at any time of the day, you can start your day with good hearty stuffed paranthas or have roti for lunch and you can also have the same or other varieties for dinner to accompany with the curries. Do enjoy your selection with some wonderful photography skills!!


Happy Styling! :)

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