The World of Ice-cream from the Eyes of a Food Stylist : Part II

January 17, 2016

Icey Cool Sticks

Before you think about taking a bite of that perfect looking ice candy dripping with syrup you might see in an advertisement or a cookbook, you will be surprised to learn that it is actually made up of acrylic.




While food styling today is trending towards a more natural appearance with an emphasis on real foods, there are still some old- school tricks up our sleeves to fake a perfect stick or scoop.



It gets really difficult to mould the ice cream stick when the dough is made with sugar which is used for scoops. A lot of skill and days of practice required to master the art of ice creams. So we food stylists get the ice cream mould from the owners, along with the sticks with their logos embossed and then they are hand crafted according to the stylist’s specifications but in white colour acrylic. There are times when you need them coloured like for the image below or you need them with a bite taken; like the image above.

On the shoot days, cool temperatures are maintained as the sticks are prepared for photography. The aroma of the room is filled with melted chocolate and roasted nuts. As you see in the image below there are nuts on the sticks, yes we stylists stick them at various places on both sides of the stick before they are actually dipped in chocolate and set to cool. This process is lengthy and time consuming.



To get a perfect looking picture for the clients and packaging purposes, Nitin Tandon Food Styling Co, puts in a lot of research and development to get the best sticks made. Such shoots are only done by professionals who can handle the chocolate melt well.




Food styling for ice-creams is so vast a topic to touch upon that it always has something new to bring to the plate. On that note stay tuned for our next article, where we will be talking about ice-cream cones.


Until then go grab a stick and have a lick!


Happy Styling! ;)

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