Restaurant Food Styling - 8 Food

August 10, 2016

8 Food : is a delivery service of global food with premium packaging  served to office and homes . Food philosophy is a natural, fresh, true rich ingredients and deep routed passion in creating true recipes with no nonsense!


Brand 8=ate= timing 8 am to 8 pm 


Client is well educated and knowledgeable about the business. He is passionate and headed with a goal to change how take away food quality n packing is offered in Mumbai.


Key words: Natural ,fresh, wholesome, global, premium, delivery service





What's in the mind of the food stylist?


Delivery means the food visual shall sell the product promised! Be truthful about portion sizes, recipes and how the dish looks! Don’t create false expectations and fantasy .. guests seating at home n office should perceive the brand n food  correctly through the pix.


So, overall feel should be light (particularly for salads), neutral, material like wood to depict natural, simple crockery as 8 Food does not serve in plates but in packaged boxes. Global feel to every picture with happy sunny lighting and focus being good food (as the brand is). Paper napkins depict casual offering and take away food feeling. No prop should shout but the food and see how 8 logo jumps subtly! We are not creating good pictures alone – we are responsible in creating great brands!




The 8 food salad is light and crispy, wholesome and nutritious with fair amount of prawns in the salad. Great mix of color and play of food textures


The salad ingredients are dancing, light and jumpy, aiming towards the sky cutting light and making themselves translucent , while the prawns lie there in royalty (premium ingredient and king of seafood)

My imagination is running wild as a chef cum stylist. Spring onion and cilantro are great flavor friends to prawns - they need to be shown! Not too much tomato as they shall take away attention from the prawns.





Sauce is always served separately in a delivery – so show it that way!




No fake ingredients were used. All ingredients ice crisped. Prawns were boiled with shell on (the shape has to be retained!) and in mild colored orange water to impart soft orange tones to seafood.




Cooking Prawns is an art and I can go along all day talking about it. Here are a few steps :-

  • Always boil prawns on shell to retain shape

  • Boil in milk + water to get soft texture on prawn flesh

  • Boil in acidic medium( drop lime in water)

  • Never boil water while cooking prawns

  • Drop prawns in chill ice water once cook to firm up texture and shape!

All in all it was a great experience styling for 8 Food.


Happy Styling! 

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