May 27, 2016

Food styling isn’t just about taking a delicious image; it’s a way to tell a story about tastes, seasons, and aesthetics. You capture that story in camera and share this work with potential clients and collaborators.

We all know that props play a very important role in food photography. We have someone in our team (Leena Tandon) who loves collecting food props. From borrowing it from parents to ripping off the door, she loves sharing her expertise with us on collecting, choosing and using props in food photography. I keep asking her a few questions on props and she would always answer them with a shine in her eyes, which shows the love she has for collecting props and keeping them for our use.


Why Do You Need Food Props?


Props make food photographs better and create an environment for photography. Props create a mood in photos that makes viewer think about what the entire team behind the shoot is trying to communicate. If the prop is not selected well, the photo becomes bad. Like you use a brown colored plate for meat balls in red gravy. This not only kills the look of the food but also of the plate used.





How to collect Props for Minimal Cost?


When you don’t have too much space and limited budget, you can concentrate on some universally used props. You can go with some basic white plates, spoons and forks that can be used on most variety of food photos. Once you have saved enough for your next shopping, you can buy various colored glasses, and different textured plates and bowls. Be resourceful and try to look at things you already have. You can also spray paint the white plates to give a different look and feel according to the theme of the shoot and be the clients favorite!


How to Choose a Good Background?


Backgrounds should be such that it enhances the picture and makes the photograph look mouth-watering. . Leena always taught me to mix the materials; this makes the background look different plus it helps to create your own style. For example you can always use a wooden background for a rustic look and add any stone or marble plate or bowl to complete the look.




How to Select Props for a Dish?


She always told me to keep the colour of the food in mind and then decide the plate. You may not know but coloured plates used for food can enhance the entire picture if the lighting is done well.  You can always try several options. It’s a process so change your cutlery or background or other props to see what looks best on your food dish. What looks good to a human eye may not look in the camera. Thus keep your eyes open and keep hunting for good props.




So here it is, simple, effective, and a little common sense can change the look and feel of the entire picture.


Happy propping!!

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