TV Commercials vs Print Media

May 20, 2016

Before I get to the point of my article let me tell you that print advertising and commercial advertising fall in different categories!! I always have people asking me, “you make food look good only on television right?” Well, that is just one part of my job.


Print media and advertising media both have different ways to make their message reach the targeted audience. But both have their strengths and weaknesses that help you determine if you have selected the right medium to target your audience.











TV Commercial for McDonalds


Let's take a look at the difference between the two:-


Pace of the advertisement


  • Print media helps to get your message out quickly and change it when needed. It also allows you to reach only a selected audience.

  • TV Commercials take a lot of time to produce. It involves huge investments and lots of people with different skills get together to make a short commercial. The ads made a usually for the mass market and smaller companies with less funds cannot opt for this option.




  • Print Media - The only way to showcase the advertisement is through visual form. The bold and attractive art work attracts a lot of attention.

  • TV Advertising - offers a medium to spread high- impact messages combining both audio visual images.




  • Print media has a limitation when it comes to targeting audiences. You have very little control when it comes to the placements of the advertisements in the magazines or newspapers.

  • TV Commercials can be wide spread. You can also air the advertisements on radio where you can hear the sound and the jingles. Thus the target audience reached is wide spread.




  • Print Media - Due to the different sizes available for the print ads; you can fix a budget according to the demand and offer for the product you sell.

  • TV Commercials - With a huge number of skilled people involved the budget for a tv commercial is pretty high. There are times when you have to endorse celebrities and super stars or a big sports person depending on the product you sell. The huge fan following and the high budget mark makes tv commercials a big success.


Food Styling


  • There are times when print work is done for huge hoardings thus the size of the image is zoomed to its maximum strengths. This is the time when food styling gets tricky and everything needs to be done up to the mark and perfect.

  • A very similar kind of pattern is used for tv commercials like used for print media. The only difference here is that when only food shots are involved the quantity of the food used is massive and there are times a couple of takes and retakes happen. The time consumed is huge and the team involved can be big too.


Happy Reading! :)

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