Styling A Burger For The Camera

May 15, 2016

Burgers prepared for eating and styling each is put together in a very different way. When one is looking out to eat the burger, all that matters is the moist and juicy flavorsome patty and a soft bun. However, when it comes to preparing the burger for the camera, it's a whole different story. There are numerous things that need to be kept in mind; ranging from the sesame seeds on the bun to the color of the lettuce and the oozing of the mayo from the middle. Sounds interesting right? Let's have a look at how a burger is actually styled from scratch :- 





1) To style a burger one needs to choose an appropriate bun which has got an even color on top and sides. You may end up choosing from a 100 of them to find a perfect one.


2) Get burger buns especially baked since the pre-packaged ones would have easily bruised in transport.


3) Never transport the bun stacked on top of each other. They should be treated like pastries. 


4) Keep the lettuce dry till ready to use. Just before an hour, put them in ice cold water to crisp up the leaves


5) Never defrost patties before frying them. If they sit out for too long, they loose shape in handling. Pay attention to edges of the each patty before you select one.



6) Secure lettuce, patties and tomatoes with toothpicks as you go on building the burger.


7) In case you're prepping a large size burger, the weight of the patties and tomatoes can make it soggy and heavy. To counter that problem, one can use thermocol stuffing on the back side.



8) Always keep reviewing what you build from the angle that faces the camera.




9) Place the cheese slices positioning them over the patty slightly on the outside edge so that it forms a nice triangle for the camera to see.


10) After placing the top bun, squeeze mayonnaise in the end at strategic places for the ooze factor with the help of a paper cone or a squeezy bottle.





Finally, after all these steps "The Burger" is ready to be placed in front of the camera. Not as easy as you thought it would be huh? ;)




Tip - Always give an NG (no-good) product for the photographer to set up his lights. Once the NG is replaced by the hero product, the team has to work fast before the lettuce begins to wilt and look dry.


Happy Styling!

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