Styling Tips for Food Bloggers

May 8, 2016


If you are new, emerging and love food and writing, you will have lots of questions regarding food styling and photography. Yes, this is the era of food blogging and it has become a huge thing all around the world. This gen home makers are fond of demonstrating their food talent on the social media and love the entire fan following and appreciation.


As a food stylist by profession, I have had a lot of new budding food bloggers coming to me and asking me for tips and guidelines to improve their styling skills. Thus I decided to write down a few tips for all young home chefs. So here goes:-


  • Choose your props wisely - It is always a better idea to maintain a prop cupboard. Food blogging actually means telling a story through your image/photo. I usually prefer rustic backgrounds with modern props, which are matte or have some sort of patterns. You can always style them with rustic silverware or antic cutlery to finish the look and give a new story through the styling of a simple recipe.





  • Use small bowls and plates - When you style food, it is always advisable to use small bowls and plates. This makes the food enlarged and helps to make the dish a hero. The more bigger the bowls and plates the food looks small and the empty border of the plates and bowls reflect a lot of light thus ruining the entire image.





  • Embrace the lights - Lighting is really important in all photography, but with food it’s absolutely vital. There are times when shadows can act as really good props. Darker light is generally used for warm soups to give the winter look. There are times when natural sunlight too comes in play for light refreshing summery recipes like salads. It is a good option to select lights according to the theme and the recipe.





  • Use of elements of art - We all know food styling and photography is an art. And when we create art, the basics are really important. The texture or the color combination of the food with matching or contrasting props makes a huge difference in the image we try to create. Textures can be created by selecting the right props or background surfaces or can be created by food elements like sprinkle of chili flakes, sea salt or crushed pepper and even the crumbs from fried food.






  • Play with your food - The drizzles and pouring shots have become a fun filled part of the food shoots these days. You actually learn a lot about your styling through playing with food. There are times you do not like the shot you created or love them. The more adventurous you get the better the photography looks. Keep changing your style and always be open to learning new techniques.




The more you style the more fun you will have while playing around with the food you cook. This will help you set your own trend and change your perspective towards food. Keep trying and polishing yourself and always be inspired with yummilicious eyes popping food photos.


Happy Styling!

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