Food Photography Tips From Our Experts

April 27, 2016

With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest being flooded with food images with every passing day, we have a few tips you could keep handy to make your pictures simply drool worthy. So, without taking much of your time let's work towards creating some awesomeness. 


  • Good lighting is very essential for a good photo. Find the best possible place for natural light through a big window or through open doors.



In this picture we have used the natural sunlight for the window effect in the back drop, which we have kept out of focus yet very visible. It gives a very warm and summery feel to the salad that can be eaten during lunch/brunches.


  • Treat your dish like a model and think of the angle at which you’ll be shooting it. If you are going overhead, make sure all the points of interest are visible from above. If you are thinking of framing the picture from a lower angle, concentrate on the front of the dish. If you have any dark pieces of food then one should make sure they are on the side of the dish that will be getting most light.



For example, in this picture the angle of the camera was directly on top, and the lights were arranged from the sides to make the dark edges of the bowl and plates freely visible.


  • Like the old saying goes, the best things come in small packages, and that also applies to pimping up your dish. Keep plates and portions on the smaller side, large amounts of food can lose proportion on camera and won’t look as yummy. Though overall it’s about making the dish look as fresh and natural as possible – and that includes making a mess. “Make it real”.



The macaroons in this picture are the hero’s thus; we have tried to keep the background as minimal as possible so that the tiny tidbits look massive.


If you keep these important points in mind while aiming for a perfect food picture, you're definitely good to go. 


Happy Styling!

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