Summer Drinks from Cafe Coffee Day

April 15, 2016

Beat the Heat This Summer!


Those of you living in or have heard about the Mumbai Summer would know what I am talking about. The all year round humid temperature is at its peak and the most tempting thing is to lock yourself away in an air-conditioned room and do nothing at all. At this time a sense of overpowering laziness takes over and even the thought of a cold shower is barely refreshing. Yes, summers are just round the corner!! All I can think of doing is to stay in a chilled swimming pool all day long.


Since that is really not an option, we tend to sip on a lot of cool summer beverages to keep ourselves hydrated as much as we can. I thought that it was a good occasion to share some of my favorite and latest summer beverages styling work through this blog!




The new range of Chilled beverages at Café Coffee Day have been styled by the team at NTFSCo.  Well, summers are light, fun, and colorful so thinking about ideas to get this photo shoot done was not difficult for us. The only thing we had to keep in mind was to make sure the pictures reflect a cool wintry look as the name suggests for the theme beverages that Cafe Coffee Day were coming up with this summer. The flavors include Watermelon Lychee Punch, Tiramisu Smoothie, Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie and Cool Green Punch. 




Styling a beverage for photography can be tricky at times but can be easy too if well executed.  Deciding on the props and what looks good is the basics for drinks photography. The side props and mats are decided post the beverage color is fixed. Making an identical beverage by food stylists require a few basic things;

  • Glycerin

  • Food colors

  • Powder soap

  • Heavy cream/whipping cream

  • Vaseline

  • Artificial ice cubes



We need to make sure the styling looks natural and the lights are well balanced to give the feel of bright summers. A few drops of spilled syrup add a good effect to the entire frame.




As a self- taught stylist who has a little knowledge about photography; I would like to advice first timers to play with the photos, getting messy with the props can bring interesting results at times, and make sure you select the best angle for clicking pictures. And above all have fun at all times!!


Happy Cooling!

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