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April 6, 2016

Mothers in Hindi movies may dish out ample amount of sweet treats and different pakwaans for their beloved sons but it is the men who rule the roost when it comes to play food centric roles in the entertainment world.


When it comes to styling for food centric movies, the team at NTFSCo. has to go through a lot of brain storming sessions with the directors, the producers and even the super stars. We have to go through a lot of classes and teach them the basics of the food preparation even before the movie is about to role.


Here's a list of movies we've been involved with till date.


Cheeni Kum - A cute romantic movie between a 64 year old bachelor chef and his customer/ lady love who is 34. The food plays an important part and majority of the film is shot in the restaurant. Our work on food is seen all through out movie.



Robot - The Indian Tamil science fiction movie, where the multi-talented actor preps food for his lady love. The main idea of a food song and to go big with all the food products was a major hit in the movie; this was a long task that the team had to go through with amazing outcome.






Lunchbox - The movie that actually made us big and famous. During this time the market started understanding the media industry and the food styling career started blooming. The movie though not famous made a huge hit in the Gulf and all around the world that people from all over started calling the team of NTFSCo. for interviews.






Ki & Ka - The recent release movie has already done wonders in the film industry and all you hear are the praises. The reverse relationships goals are very well portrayed in the movie and how the actor wants to become a house husband. Doing this movie was totally fun and entertaining.



Watch out for our work on an upcoming project in the category of food centric films starring Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan and Directed by Gauri Shinde!


Not all movies are the same, some click and some fail the box office, but Bollywood lover’s experience is lifted with such gorgeous concepts and immaculate scripts that fit subjects as hero of the film, and gives us the privilege to be a part of such big banners.


Bon Appetit!!


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Fun. Food. Movies. Styling

April 6, 2016

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