Indian Sweets

March 21, 2016

Indian Cuisine is famously known as the sweet cuisine in the entire world because half of the dishes made in India are sweets or desserts. Indian Sweets have not only made the cuisine famous but it has been also become a part of the European and North American dishes, finding great success in being a part of their fancy meals.


The only thing common between all the regions of India is the affinity for sweet mithais and spicy snacks and starters. Besides being related to the history this Indian cuisine is strongly influenced by Indian religion, its culture and the traditions that Indians follow.




As we all know Indian desserts use milk, khoya and sugar and the main ingredients; there is no denying the fact, that these sweetmeats give a satisfying end to any meal! Let's hava a look at various kinds of sweets that Indians can't keep their hands off them.


1) The Rasgullas and Gulab Jamuns are the most popular relished sweetmeats in India and around the globe. They usually sell like hot cakes like there is no tomorrow.







2) Payasam/kheer/ semiyan as it is known in different parts of our country are yet another sweet that blends beautifully in both Hindu and the Muslim culture. This dessert is usually found during all the auspicious ceremonies and festivals throughout India.






3) Not only are these desserts a part of our staple fare, but they are also offered in our places of worship. Be it the khada Prasad at gurudwaras or the boondi ladoos served at temples, these sweets form an integral part of our sacred offerings too.





These being a few popular desserts, the list don’t end here, each state or region has its own typical taste and the mithais depends on the ingredients popularly grown in those regions. Varying from festivals and seasons the sweets and desserts in each household differ. No meal is complete without a sweet to end the meal. Thus all the sweets and mithais have a long history that it takes along with it. 



Prepping Indian Sweets for the Camera


As mentioned earlier Indian cuisine is the simplest when it comes to styling for a campaign or photograph. Indian props and vessels play a major role in glorifying these beautiful rich sweets. From gold plated modern plates and cutlery to  Jalebi these desserts have a charm of their own and selecting the proper prop for the festival is a big task.


The only way to beautify these sweet pieces is using oil or sugar syrup to give an extra shine which makes these desserts fresh and royal for the photograph shot. 






Styling done for Haldiram's Minute Khana Frozen Rasmalai


All I can say is that the simplicity of each dessert is as simple as the styling and photography we do during the festivals, to make the juicy looking sweetmeats tempting and to fulfil every individual’s cravings.


Happy Feasting!! 

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