7 Best Pav Bhaji Places in Mumbai

March 17, 2016

Local Spicy Affair!


Street food as the name denotes is the food sold by hawkers from portable shops/stalls that they put up at different places to sell meals at a cheap rate for passers-by. We all know that Mumbai is a foodie lover’s paradise, and street food is one of the characteristics of this city that never sleeps. From breakfast to mid night tea, you will definitely find something round the clock.





Although street food is common all over the world, Mumbai food is noted because people from all economic classes eat roadside food almost 24*7 and at times they taste better than fine dining and restaurant food. A lot of people in the city like a light snack generally in the evenings or during their office break, it is this time of the day where hawkers come into play and sell food to fulfil the cravings humans have.




Pavbhaji; the most famous street food native to Maharashtra. It is popular in most metropolitan cities in India, by the name of Mumbai Pav Bhaji. Here is a list of the famous Pav Bhaji joints in Mumbai you can't miss out on:-


Sardar’s @ Tardeo

A five-minute walk from Mumbai Central station, this place specialises in straight-from-the-streets, finger-licking pav bhaji. Two metal plates arrive within minutes: one containing thick potato based vegetable masala loaded with a slab of butter, the other with fluffy pav and chopped onions. The sight itself is delicious. Squeeze some lemon on top for the extra zing and dig in with your fingers.


Amar Juice Centre @ Juhu

Centrally located near colleges, this place attracts a lot of youth. Personally, Amar Pav Bhaji is good, but nothing over the top. This place is more of a brand now, than a place of exceptionally good food. Do try the jain pav bhaji for a tangy feel due to the lack of potatoes. Don’t miss the yummy juices and milkshakes range this guy provides for a cooling effect to beat the Mumbai heat.


Sukh Sagar @ Chowpatty

A landmark in itself; this place serves good food, which is not just limited to Pav Bhaji, this is surely a vegetarian delight to visit. Hot food, good service and finger licking Pav Bhaji and always packed with people and passers-by.


Achija”s @ Ghatkopar

If you have a friend or a relative who resides in Ghatkopar and loves food, you must have heard the name Achija a million times by now. A popular joint for street food with proper seating, this place is worth trying.Along with the pav bhaji do try the masala pav that they are quite famous for. Enter this place without any expectations and leave fully satisfied.


Pav Bhaji Stalls @ Juhu Beach

The dish pav bhaji became famous from this place. As soon as you enter the beach to enjoy the sunset, you are welcomed with mellow sounds of metal ladles being banged on metal plates on which the pav bhaji is made. The spicy aroma fills the space and you are tempted to go and dive into the hot food sitting on the steps and enjoying the view. The best part about the pav bhaji here is that it is served with thin oily gravy which is pored over the bhaji to give you a spicy kick in every bite.


Swati Snacks @ Tardeo

This high end restaurant is famous for traditional Gujju and Marwari Dishes and also serves one of the best Mumbai street foods in a fine dining hygienic manner. This is a place which attracts a lot of upper middle class people who avoid standing in the heat and yet crave for local flavours that Mumbai has to offer. Do try some local affair here for lip smacking delicious flavours.


Badshah @ Crawford Market

The late night joint which serves hot pav bhaji along with its famous Falooda, which is to die for! This crowded place always has a waiting when you go there for lunch or dinner. A must try at this place is the Mushroom Pav Bhaji, yes you heard it right. This bhaji is unique and flavourful, and is not mashed like the normal ones you get. It is definitely worth the try.


Keep an eye out for our exclusive pav bhaji recipe coming soon!


Happy Eating :)

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