Understanding the Basics of Food Styling

March 9, 2016



When we hear the term food styling and look at those eye-grabbing and appetizing food pictures, we don't realize how much energy and hard work goes into bringing out the final result that actually makes you want to grab the food in the picture. Let's sneak a quick look into the basics of it.


What is Food Styling?


Food styling is the art of arranging food, so that it looks appetizing and stays fresh in front of the camera for long hours. It involves preparing and presenting perfect looking food so it can be photographed for various purposes like print, videos, digital, magazines, package launches, coffee table books, restaurant menus and ATL/BTL advertising campaigns. 



Who are the People that Require a Food Stylist’s Services?


Food stylists are mainly demanded by the advertisement industry. Majority of the clients include advertising agencies, production houses/companies, publishers, authors, major brands, fast food companies, restaurants and major retailers. Having a food stylist on board ensures the finest way to plate food, and how it can improve sales.




What does it take to be a successful Food Stylist?

For starters it is very helpful for a food stylist to have a strong culinary background that helps in solving last minute unwanted problems, which come up during the shoot. A food stylist requires confidence, people skills, ability to work with flair and most importantly an eye for detail. He is also expected to have an artistic bent. It helps in producing wide-ranging results by understanding the vision of the client. 






The work of a great food stylist will make you wonder how beautiful food can look when styled accordingly. A food stylist also has to take care of the ingredients within a budget that need to be chosen for each shoot. Those ingredients need to be best looking and super fresh on the day of the shoot.



Prop-styling and other Services


Most of the time, a food stylist is also required to bring along props that compliment well with the food product to be shot for the client and in case of videos/films, the storyline of a particular scene is to be kept in mind. This is where sense of creativity plays an important role for the stylist. The main objective is to focus on the preparation and food presentation which is to be seen from the camera’s eye.





We at "Nitin Tandon Food Syling Company" are very passionate about food and believe in delivering results that leaves the client happy. Apart from food styling services, we also provide menu development, restaurant consultation and kitchen set-up services. To view more of our print shoots and TV Commercials do visit www.nitintandon.com. Contact details – nitin@nitintandon.com , +91 9004338373.


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Happy Styling! :)

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