Styling Food - Indian Culture: Starters

February 2, 2016

The vibrant, intensely colourful world of Indian food has reached places around the world. This travel of Indian cuisine and its fan following started in the early 60’s and has been evolving since then. Being an Indian this makes us proud about the growing appreciation for the regional variety we have, that is loved by all ages and it also helps in keeping our roots and traditions intact.



When it comes to styling Indian food, it is by far the easiest task for a food stylist who is a pro in his work. With the trendy method of molecular gastronomy taking over the Indian food market and influencing the Indian culture, we at NTFSCo. try new modern methods with food plating yet keep the tradition of the recipes the same.



The shine in the shorba or the chargrilled marks on the chicken or cottage cheese pieces are easy yet time consuming. The art of getting the perfect grill marks or to make the dish look cooked calls for some tricks and skills that only a chef can possess easily. And we at NTFSCo. are pro’s in this work.



Most of the times the food is under cooked and during a few occasions it is just blanched. Oil and water spray act like a good hydrator for all starters and helps to give an extra shine and freshness to the product we are shooting for.  



Just before the final shot is taken, the hero piece is made and is kept in the front where the focus of the camera is set. The main idea behind the starter dish is to make sure the meat looks juicy and it should always be accompanied with dips and relishes that add a little colour to the entire picture. One look at the photo and you are tempted to grab the plate.



The best thing I like about prepping starters and snacks for the shoot is you always need minimal food. Thus the wastage is less and appetizers being the first course the portion size are small.




The basic thumb rule a food stylist follows is to always plate the dish with odd number of pieces. For some reason, when we see odd numbers we react differently than when we see even ones. This randomness seems to feel natural to the eye, and as a food stylist I completely agree to it, and the picture we create will always have few things odd.



All this to say….. Well if the clients are all smiles and contented with the work done, the requirements fulfilled; then the job as a food stylist is satisfying. This is the rule NTFSCo. follows.


Part II- mains/ curries to follow.


Happy Styling! :)


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