The World of Ice-cream from the Eyes of a Food Stylist: Part III

January 24, 2016

Icey Cones


When it comes to food advertisements, mostly everything has been manipulated by the food stylists to appeal to the customers. Nothing is as real as it seems; and I am pretty sure you’d never want to eat it.



The most important shoot for a food stylist is that of an ice-cream. Though it looks easy but it is a challenging job. You must practice it well and have the perfect set of people to work with then the day of the shoot is productive. There are times when you have to give yourself a few days extra to get the work done. After ample amount of trials and errors the hero is developed that fits perfect for the shoot.

As we are talking about the last bit of the ice cream article I will tell you the tricks and traits for doing an ice cream cone.


The hero cone is the first thing of the shoot. From the hundreds and thousands of cones the perfect few and the best ones are found and made. If the cone is a simple wafer cone, the best are made in the factory which are light coloured and 80 % cooked. If the cones are waffle ones and have the logo of the ice cream company, then we tell the owner to make the best ones with special requirements or we send our best ice cream chefs to go to the outlet in advance and make them prior to the shoot day.



The work doesn’t end here. The hero cone is made to stand still with the help of satay sticks, at times the tip of every cone is cut to make the cone stand stable as the fake scoop is very heavy for the delicate cone to sustain it without breaking and then the lighting of the picture is framed. Only the cone is shot first without any scoops in it for the perfect light colour. Then the scoops are added to the cones. The lighting changes and it affects the cone colour; thus in the end both the images of cones and scoops are merged to get the perfect ice cream cone picture.

If the topping on the scoop is to be added; again a different lighting set up is made to create the shine on the cherry and natural gloss is added by the light effects.



The latest trend used during shoots for waffle cones has been developed @NTFSCo. is a cool, hassle free method of using cones which are made of plastic. These cones have a little bit of shine and are identical to the real waffle cones yet they are inedible. This makes the shoot less tiring and there is minimal wastage. You also have options of hiring these cones from the prop shops that are situated in every city and easily accessible. The best part about these plastic cones is that you reuse them as many times you want without having the tip of the cone breaking!



Once the shoot is done; the editor sits with the photographer and the final editing for the ice cream cones are done. The post production too is very lengthy and if by chance the proper effects are not found, a re-shoot is possible.


Well, who is hungry for a nice fake cold ice cream cone?


Happy Styling! :)

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