The World of Ice-cream from the Eyes of a Food Stylist : Part I

January 10, 2016



As summers approach people of all age crave for these sweetened creamy frozen scoops of delicious ice creams. Do grab a bite of your favourite lick while you enjoy reading this article. ;)



Ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream!! Well I just got carried away at just the name of it.  Everyone has these inner cravings to gulp down gallons of their favourite ice-creams at all times. And yes we get tempted even more by the beautiful hoardings and television ads that we see around us.




Let me share with you a secret. A secret that is known only to the photographers and us, food stylists who work hand in hand to make summers look cool and tempting people around.


After creating the uncontrollable urge for real ice-creams let me tell you; we food stylists create a fake dummy of ice-cream scoops to match the exact one you eat.


Yes, ice creams melt at a fast pace when left out, thus making it difficult to style them. Real ice creams are generally used for shoots and television advertisements where actual people are involved and they have to bite on the scoops or eat them in actual life.



Some stylists still work with real ice cream. In a magazine shot a bit of melt is considered okay as it makes the readers feel the want to lick it right off the page. But in product shots, where the pictures are going to be converted into huge hoardings, the ice cream scoops need to look perfect and that is not easy. In fact if you are shooting with real ice cream you might need as much as 30 litres of ice cream on hand for one particular shot. You may also need back-ups for the same set up and lighting. This is a total waste of time, energy, money and everything involved. So to make life easy food stylists came up with an idea to use mashed potatoes for getting the perfect scoop.




Over a period of years the ingredients for making a fake scoop of ice cream evolved a lot. Now a day’s stylists have their secret recipes for getting the perfect texture or what they call as barking. Barking size and design also vary on the quality of the ice cream. A lot of research and development and practice go in making a perfect scoop that looks identical to the actual product.




One simple method is to knead confectioners’ sugar, corn syrup and all-purpose flour in the right amount and to that you add food colouring and real candies and chocolate chips or ingredients the ice cream is famous for to get the real look and feel. 




We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling Company, take pride in making some of the best fake ice cream scoops that can tempt anyone. For us the ice cream shoots are the best as we can eat a lot of real ice creams and picture the fake ones, and the sugary high rush never leaves us sad.




Watch out for Part II, where we talk about Styling for Ice cream Sticks!


Happy styling till I go grab my favorite scoop! :)

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