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We at Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting are specialized in providing “solutions” to any food brand requirement for still photography and video creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various factors to consider for choosing a good food photographer/food stylist?

Photography skills of any photographer can be judged by looking at their recent work or by looking at work they have created for award purposes or in-house stock images. This goes the same for the food stylist as well. One must consider every food detailing in any still imagery. How crisp and sharp the image is, the color of the food should be perfect and natural-looking. Any photographs that are too color corrected can diminish the natural and organic look of the food. So do look into images that look beautiful and natural. There are many upcoming food photographers in Mumbai who are doing amazing and innovative work with their photography. Many food photographers in India or many food photographers in Mumbai can provide you with the best-looking images, but only good photography studios will provide you with a solution and photographs to match your brand imagery. The food photography of any brand must have a brand style keeping in mind the brand positioning, brand’s identity, its color palate, etc. Then comes the objective of food photography, a photography studio with a team of food stylists and food photographers understand the brief and provide the best solution that suits the brand and the ad campaign. It takes an entire team’s effort to build up a food brand imagery for any brand. One must always look at different ad campaigns (series of photographs) and what it communicates. A good photography studio will envision your brief and brand’s requirement and provide a complete end to end food photography and videography solution. A studio will also provide you with the right kind of props to use, backgrounds to use, what style of food photography to use whether it should be dark photography or sunshine bright or monochrome, etc. Selecting the style of photography will be imperative to your brand imagery, and this is something only the experienced bunch can provide. It does not matter where the photographers located as most of them work all around the country or world depending on the experience. But what you can do to make your work simple is to find out the best food photographer in your city so communication, meetings, etc becomes easier and faster, e.g. you can search for the best food photographer in Delhi or the best food photographer in Bangalore, etc. That if you are looking for an individual freelancing photographer. If you are looking for a studio then simply change your search and make it the best food photography in Mumbai or best food photography in Delhi or best food photography studio in India. Looking at food photographers or studio pan India can help you understand the credibility of the studio and their large scale of work based on which you can accordingly make your decision.

How can Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting help me?

Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting provides a solution for your brand imagery in various applications like Still Photography, Video Production, Stop Motions, Graphics & motion, GIFs & Cinemagraphs. If you are looking for the Best Food Photographer In Mumbai or The Best Food Photographer In Delhi, then reach out to us. As we always say we are a food photography studio associated with the best food photographers in Mumbai and other cities. We also have some of the best Food Stylists in Mumbai who can help to shape your brand imagery at different price levels. We have been a part of the food photography industry for many years hence we have a great network of people that work with us on various projects. This results in constant innovation in Food Photography as different minds come with different perspectives.

Why Choose Nitin Tandon Food Styling and Consulting?

Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting is owned by a Chef, Restauranteur, and a Food Stylist himself. Nitin Tandon has over 3 decades of experience in the food-related industry. His acute knowledge of cooking and working with food is second to none; hence, the solution-driven approach. The organization has a team of the best Food Stylists in India, the best Food Photographers in India, Creative Directors, and Chefs who together work and apply their expertise to bring out stunning food photographs and food video content. We operate all across the country and have spread our arms working for projects abroad and we have often been one of the few food photography organizations in the country. We are one of the best:

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