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We at Nitin Tandon are here to meet all your studio photography and videography requirements. We have some of the best photo studios in Pune. If you are looking for "Best Photo Studios Near Me", we here at Nitin Tandon provide all our photoshoot studio services such as:

1200sq Ft Space With 15ft Height

High-speed Wi-fi With Printer

Make shift Meeting Tables & Chairs

Fully Air-Conditioned

Colored Backgrounds For Photography

3 Phase Power Supply

Attached Prop Shop

2 Parking Space

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5000+ Props & Backgrounds

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Frequently Asked Questions Why rent our photography studio in Pune? We are one of the most famous photography studios in Pune because of many reasons. We provide our clients with excellent services and give them enough space to carry out their photography tasks. Our photography studio in Pune is spread across 100 sq ft square, which is also a fully air-conditioned area. The entire space is divided into various sections where you can adjust the entire setting according to your preferences. Considered the best photo studio in Pune, the space that we provide to our clients is fully equipped with a kitchen and a prop shop as well. The studio has a larger portion of the studio referred to as the ‘major studio’ where photoshoots for big events take place. There is a working kitchen designed to cook, bake, or fry anything, as and when required. As far as the prop shop is concerned, it has all the cutlery, crockery, props, etc., that are required for a top-notch photo shoot. If you are looking for a photography studio on rent in Pune, there’s no option better than Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. We also have a private cabin that is specially designed for meetings and other office work. Our studio is famous all across the country because we offer excellent services and units that help you create exquisite and exceptional product shots. So, if you are an agency looking for best photography standards no need to look further for a top photo studio in Pune as Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio comes to your rescue. We provide our clients with all the top-class services that are required to create an amazing and outstanding photoshoot of your product. If you are looking for the best photography studio on rent in Pune, call us! What are the various facilities we provide? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is one of the top photo studios in Pune because of the many facilities we provide to our clients at budget-friendly costs. We give our clients creative possibilities and also an ethical environment where they design and create beautiful settings for their products. Having the facility and accessibility of a ‘prop shop’, we give them access to 5000 different props that can be used in multiple ways. Apart from giving many props, we have plates, crockery, bowls, fancy cutlery, glasses, etc., that are available at our photo studio. If you are seeking a photo studio on rent in Pune, we got you covered! When you shoot in our photography studio, you have access to everything outstanding. We provide you with every important resource that will help create and capture the perfect shot at our photography studios in Pune. Our photography studio in Pune is well-known all across India. We have everything in-house to offer to our clients. When you get everything at hand and in place, it saves time and effort and helps you achieve desirable results. Being one of the best photo studios in Pune, our services are also of the best level. We also have a fully equipped kitchen which is aesthetically designed to be used by our clients. In the kitchen, you will find every item to prepare the food items that you want to shoot. Once preparing the food, it’s time to showcase it. We also provide you with an office area that has high-speed internet to carry on your work activities and to share your creativity with the world. Our space and the services we provide make us one of the top photo studios in Pune. Now that you are aware of our outstanding services and top-class facilities, you can always visit Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio if you ever seek the topmost photography studio on rent in Pune. Will you help arrange the props for the photoshoot? As mentioned above, our photo studio on rent in Pune also has a ‘prop shop’ where thousands of props and other materials are provided to our clients. All these props can be used during the photoshoot to make the products look more drool worthy and exquisite. Do you offer editing services? At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, we work with professionals from the editing studios with whom we coordinate for all the post-production services. Once everything is cooked and photographed, it’s time for best editing which adds the extra zing. We have top editing specialists with us who offer editing services to our clients. Our photo studio on rent in Pune is a one-stop-shop for all the photoshoot needs and requirements. We coordinate with our editing team to offer editing services to our potential clients. If they wish to be provided with the editing services as well, it becomes our priority. What are the various benefits of hiring Nitin Tandon’s Food Styling Studio for rent in Pune? Food photography is essential these days to attract the audience to the lovely food you cook and photograph. However, sometimes studio photo shoots may go a little out of your budget, and you will certainly call it off due to budget restraints. Well, there is some good news as you can find the best photo studios in Pune at very budget-friendly costs. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is one such studio in Pune that is available for rent and offers top-class services at very reasonable prices. Let us find out some facilities available at a photo studio. 1. Comfort In a professional photoshoot, you are required to put various pieces together to get the best results. At our photo studio in Pune, we have everything under one roof as we provide a one-stop solution to our clients. Our studio is fully equipped with kitchen services, internet services, and the latest technological tools for photography scenes as well. 2. Use of various equipment and photography props In a professional studio, you get all the required stuff and props to give your food an aesthetic look. The top photo studios in Pune are famous all across the country for their outstanding services. They provide kitchen services, furniture pieces such as lucrative lamps, chairs, desks etc. All these facilities take your photoshoot to a whole new level as it gives creativity and innovation to it. 3. Assistance and help At a new place and in a new environment, sometimes it gets difficult to work, and you may need help and assistance from professionals. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, we provide help to our clients from our highly experienced photographers and editors. We create a learning and teaching environment so that you can learn some amazing tricks, techniques, lightning set-ups, and posing angles to make your photoshoot look more appealing. 4. Enhanced environmental control Most of the production aspects will be controlled by our professional photographers. With the outdoors, there are a lot of issues such as rain, wind, lightning problems, temperature, and other variables too. In a photo studio, you can control lightning and the surroundings without any natural hindrances. With the help of props, you can also create a brand new set-up for your photoshoot. Tell us more about your food styling services. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is a video and still photography production agency that has experience of over 30 years in the Food industry. We have an extremely talented team who are devoted to delivering top-class videos and photography services to our clients. Nitin Tandon himself is a Chef, Restauranter, and Food Stylist. His rich experience of 30 years and understanding of food is unmatchable. We provide a one-stop solution to your products glam and offer excellent food-related content at our studio. We are known to have a modular pricing policy in India, supporting businesses of all sizes by providing them with better offer value for money.






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