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We at Nitin Tandon are here to meet all your studio photography and videography requirements. We have some of the best photo studios in kolkata. If you are looking for "Best Photo Studios Near Me", we here at Nitin Tandon provide all our photoshoot studio services such as:

1200sq Ft Space With 15ft Height

High-speed Wi-fi With Printer

Make shift Meeting Tables & Chairs

Fully Air-Conditioned

Colored Backgrounds For Photography

3 Phase Power Supply

Attached Prop Shop

2 Parking Space

Stills From Our Photo Studio

Ready to take your food business to new heights?

5000+ Props & Backgrounds

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions Why rent our photography studio? Because photo studios in Kolkata, just Click! Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio has managed to win the hearts of several businesses in the food industry. We have also managed to pique the interest of several photographers throughout the country. Is that enough to choose us instead of the best photography studio in Kolkata? To begin with, our studio is a fully air-conditioned 1,000 square feet space that is divided into various sections. The studio is divided into sections to ensure that our clients are not disturbed during the photo shoot. Our ‘Major Studio’ is the more significant part of the space dedicated to large-scale photoshoots. Apart from studio space, we also offer a fully equipped kitchen, an attached prop shop with various props on display that you can rent, a private cabin, and an office space for meetings. While there are many photoshoot studios in Kolkata, only a few studios offer the benefits that we do. Unlike some of the best photo studios in Kolkata that offer just studio space, Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio offers more than just ‘Click!’ What are the various facilities we provide? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is widely recognized throughout the country as one of the best studios in the food industry that offers various facilities leading to unseen creative possibilities. Some of the facilities that we provide include •A prop display shop has more than five thousand props, including different types of cutleries and crockeries, various kinds of plates and bowls, and more that you can rent. •A fully equipped kitchen that allows you to produce freshly cooked dishes for the photoshoot. Unlike some of the best photo studios in Kolkata that do not offer kitchen space, our studio offers everything you need to chop, bake, fry, or cook any dish. •You don’t need to seek outside resources to craft the perfect photoshoot as everything is available in-house. The in-house help will assist you in making your photoshoot just perfect. •We offer office space with high-speed internet that you can use for meetings and various other office work. There are very few photography studios for rent in Kolkata that offer more than just studio space. •The private cabin we offer is just perfect for brainstorming and thought-processing. Given all the facilities we offer, you may choose to rent any photography studio in Kolkata, or book an appointment with Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, considered one of the best in the country. Will you help arrange the props for the photoshoot? There are very few photography studios for rent in Kolkata with a prop shop, and each has limited props. At our studio, we have a prop shop with around 5000 props on display. You can choose to rent these props during the photoshoot at your convenience. You may consider the best photography studio in Kolkata that offers only a meagre number of props, or you may choose us, Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. Do you offer editing services? You may find some of the best photo studios in Kolkata offering editing services along with studio space. Nitin Tandon Food Styling is a fully equipped studio space that lets you craft the perfect content for your business. We are associated with some of the best editing studios that can offer post-production services as per your needs. We do not have in-house editors, but if, as a client, you need a one-stop-shop for all your photoshoot needs, we will be happy to coordinate with the editing studio for post-editing services. There are many photoshoot studios in Kolkata that are well equipped to offer editing services. But unlike these studios, our studio offers various facilities and collaboration with editing studios for post-production services. Benefits of hiring Nitin Tandon's Food Styling photo studio on rent in Kolkata? A photographer is considered gifted as long as they can create a masterpiece working anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Some photographers find it daunting to work indoors; it may be due to the fear of stepping foot into a professional studio or because of the possible dent a studio may cause to their finances. You can overcome budget constraints if you find studios such as ours that cater to all businesses, big and small. Rarely does stepping into a professional studio provoke anxiousness in a photographer. Instead of looking for a photoshoot studio in Kolkata, consider hiring Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, and you can enjoy the following benefits. •The comfort of a studio space While outdoor shooting can be enjoyable, there are many constraints that come along with it, such as unexpected weather chance, unavailability of resources when needed, lack of professional help, among others. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, you can enjoy all the benefits under one roof. We update our studio with all the latest equipment and technology, and we also update ourselves with the ongoing trend that helps businesses reach out to potential customers. •A long list of props and equipment to choose from! As much as outdoor photoshoots offer a rich background with natural elements that are different at each shoot, you can better achieve the vivid variety at a photo studio. In fact, you can achieve more at a studio that you cannot achieve at an outdoor shoot. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, we offer a long list of props that you can rent. We also offer vintage and modern furniture and equipment that add creativity to the shoot. At our studio, you can balance many elements to customize your content, which you cannot achieve outdoors. •Reliable assistance and professional help! While working at a studio can be intimidating to some photographers, it can be helpful as well. When you work in a studio such as ours, you can quickly get all the help you need. Our staff are eager to help you set up, as well as guide you when you need help. We offer a learning experience to budding photographers and assistance to accomplished professionals. •Controlled environment Control over your surroundings is the most vital benefit that our studio has to offer to you. When you set up a shoot outdoors, you must worry about the weather, the wind, and other external elements you cannot control. But at our studio, you are in control of the environment around you. Our studio remains constant throughout the day, from morning till late in the night, irrespective of the weather outdoors. You can control the elements indoors to your specific needs. Given all the benefits we offer, you might want to call us instead of looking for the best photo studio in Kolkata. Tell us more about your food styling services. We don’t believe in the ‘One Size Fits All’ concept that some of the best photography studios in Kolkata as well as in several major cities have adopted. Nitin Tandon Food Styling believes in offering the best to all clients. We are a Video & Still Photography Production house which has been in the industry for over thirty years. We have a talented team of photographers, videographers and stylists who have served the food industry and helped several businesses achieve their content goal. Our team of experts led by chef, restaurateur, and food stylist Nitin Tandin, have successfully fulfilled the social media needs of various small and big businesses. Our team of experts at Nitin Tandon Food Styling has a deeper understanding of food and photography, helping them customize a solution based on the client’s business. We tailor-make each content and offer value for money with outstanding results produced by each content that we build. We are proud to have a long-standing relationship with our clients who have grown up from a start-up and established themselves as a brand. You can rely on us to deliver the best results that no other photography studio in Kolkata can.






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