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We at Nitin Tandon are here to meet all your studio photography and videography requirements. We have some of the best photo studios in India. If you are looking for "Best Photo Studios Near Me", we here at Nitin Tandon provide all our photoshoot studio services such as:

1200sq Ft Space With 15ft Height

High-speed Wi-fi With Printer

Make shift Meeting Tables & Chairs

Fully Air-Conditioned

Colored Backgrounds For Photography

3 Phase Power Supply

Attached Prop Shop

2 Parking Space

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5000+ Props & Backgrounds

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Frequently Asked Questions Why rent our photography studio? There are several reasons that you may need to rent a photography studio. However, if you are looking for the best experience, you may choose us- Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, recognized as one of the best photo studios in India. We believe in rendering the best service that involves a lot more than photography. Our studio in Mumbai has 1000 square foot space and is fully air-conditioned. The total area is divided into several segments so that the primary studio or the photoshoot area remains isolated and free from disturbances. The large portion of the studio is called the 'major studio' where large scale photoshoots are conducted. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is fully equipped with a kitchen. You can cook, fry, and bake to freshly produce a dish that ensures the best food photography. Additionally, our studio also has a separate prop store where all the crockery, cutlery, props, etc., are displayed and rented based on individual requirements. We also offer a private cabin within the studio, where most of the meetings are held. You can also use the cabin for some peace and quiet. These unique features and services offered to each customer make us one of the best photography studios in India. If you are looking for a reputed and reliable photography studio in India, Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio can be your best choice. We are not extravagant, but we promise to deliver exceptional services to help you with your purpose. We are regarded as one of the best photography studios in India for offering various services under one roof. What are the various facilities we provide? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, one of the best photography studios in India, offers several facilities that you can benefit from. Being one of the best studios for photoshoot in India, we have an attached prop display section where you can find more than 5000 different props that include plates, bowls, potteries, cutleries, etc. You can rent the props when you rent the space for a shoot at our studio. You save time as you do not have to look for other resources that offer props on rent to get that one perfect shot. We offer everything under one roof that saves a lot of time and money while creating your masterpiece. We have the best things to offer to you, from a fully equipped kitchen that will allow you to prepare the food fresh to an office space with high-speed internet. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio believes in being a one-stop-shop for all your needs, making us one of the top photo studios in India. Will you help arrange the props for the photoshoot? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio has a separate prop counter where you can rent all the necessary items required during a photoshoot. You have a wide range of props to choose from that can enhance the creativity of your shoot. The prop collection we offer is one of a kind which places us among the top photo studios in India. Do you offer editing services? There is no doubt that Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is more than just a regular photo studio. Our services make us one of the top photo studios in India. Being one of the leading photo studios, we offer a one-stop solution for all your photoshoot studio requirements. We are associated with some of the best editing studios that we can coordinate with, for every editing requirement you may have. As we believe in offering a one-stop solution, we are more than glad to collaborate with editing studios post-production or coordinate with them, depending on the client requirements. Benefits of hiring Nitin Tandon's Food Styling photo studio on rent in India? If you are thinking about hiring a studio for a photoshoot in India, then it's natural that nagging fear of a dent in the wallet may haunt you. People alternatively tend to choose outdoor shoots, which is a great option, but an outdoor shoot may not be the right choice always, especially when it comes to food photography. If you are considering renting one of the best photo studios in India, you may consider Nitin Tandon's Food Styling Studio in Mumbai. They offer a myriad of benefits associated with shooting in professional studios rather than in outdoor locations. Some of them are mentioned below- Comfort- You can conduct the most professional photoshoot in India at Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, as we offer some of the best services under one roof. We prefer keeping ourselves updated with the latest photography developments that help us stay advanced and cater to our clients' needs. From comfort to convenience, you can expect to find everything under one roof. Opportunity to use various equipment and props- As per some photographers, outdoor shoots offer a vivid variety, which you cannot achieve in professional studios. How far is this right? As a professional, you can achieve great things shooting anywhere, and if props and equipment back you, you can achieve the best photoshoot indoors. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, you can rent various props such as chairs, desks, vintage lamps, fabrics, crockeries, cutleries and more. Assistance and help- Some photographers may feel intimidated while working in a studio. But, at our studio, you will be offered guidance by some of the highly experienced photographers who can also offer tips and tricks to improve your skills. Enhanced control of the environment- One of the most significant advantages of working with us is that our experienced photographers will help control the various aspects of a photoshoot. Working in a studio comes with several advantages. You don't have to worry about rain, wind or light that affect outdoor shoots. In fact, in our studio, you can control the surrounding environment during the entire project. Unlike outdoor locations, it is possible to create an entirely new setup with appropriate props and space without worrying about sunrise or sunset. Nitin Tandon Food styling photo studio offers various other benefits that you can enjoy. If you seek more information on the best photo studio in India, call us and let us help you! Tell us more about your food styling services. Nitin Tandon Food styling studio is a one-stop solution for anyone looking for the best food styling services. We specialize in performing both video and still photography and have more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. We have an efficient team of professionals dedicated to rendering the highest quality videos and photographs. Our professionals are also capable of fulfilling every social media requirement that you may have. With over a couple of decades of experience as a Chef, Restaurateur and Food Stylist, Nitin Tandon has an intense understanding of food. Nitin Tandon leads a team of experts who can help you immensely when you hire our studio. The various services we offer, make us a one-stop solution for different food-related content. We offer customized solutions to all our clients. We believe that unique content is the reason why clients choose us over our competitors. Apart from being one of the reputed photo studios in Mumbai, we are also famous for offering value for money and building a long-term relationship with our clients. Our modular pricing policy has helped have a strong relationship with several businesses of varied size, be it established brands, creative agencies, start-ups, or other emerging brands.






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