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We at Nitin Tandon are here to meet all your studio photography and videography requirements. We have some of the best photo studios in Bangalore. If you are looking for "Best Photo Studios Near Me", we here at Nitin Tandon provide all our photoshoot studio services such as:

1200sq Ft Space With 15ft Height

High-speed Wi-fi With Printer

Make shift Meeting Tables & Chairs

Fully Air-Conditioned

Colored Backgrounds For Photography

3 Phase Power Supply

Attached Prop Shop

2 Parking Space

Stills From Our Photo Studio

Ready to take your food business to new heights?

5000+ Props & Backgrounds

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions Why rent our photography studio? Because everyone else just 'Clicks!' Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio can do more than 'click!' Where would you find a 1000 square feet studio space that is fully air-conditioned? From a flatteringly equipped kitchen where you can freshly prepare the dish to a space where your creativity is converted into art, we are equipped with everything needed for food photography. Besides, we also offer a peaceful office area and a private cabin for meetings. Finding the best photography studio in Bangalore can be tasking, especially if you are looking for someone as proficient as Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. At our studio, we offer everything that you will need to ensure that your food comes alive in pictures. Food photography is an art, and we have everything that makes this art real. We are well equipped with all that you need, from various props such as crockery and cutleries on rent to space for a large-scale photo shoot. While there are several photography studios for rent in Bangalore, you may want to reach out to Nitin Tandon for everything under one roof. It is fair to say that we fulfil all your needs, but it would be unfair to call ourselves extravagant. We provide you with all that you need for a successful photoshoot. What are the various facilities we provide? 'Unseen Creative Possibilities!' At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, you will find various opportunities to improve your display. We offer a vast choice of props that include crockery and cutlery, bowls, plates and props, and more! When you shoot with us, you do not need to look for resources to complete your display. We have five thousand different props that cater to all your needs. We have everything that will make your display perfect! Where would you find such opportunities when you look for a photography studio for rent in Bangalore? If you are looking for the best photo studio in Bangalore, your search ends at Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. We have everything in-house that lets you concentrate on your creativity. While most studios considered famous photo studios in Bangalore offer only a studio space, we offer everything under one roof. You need not scout for raw materials, props, or a kitchen nearby. Unlike many photography studios in Bangalore, we offer a fully-equipped kitchen where you can show your creativity in food preparation and a studio to show our creativity in capturing your creativity in a frame. Highly regarded as accomplished professionals, if you are looking for the best photography studios in Bangalore, you might want to consider Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. We provide a kitchen to freshly prepare the dish, a meeting room to discuss your expectations, a private cabin for you to brainstorm, high-speed internet, thousands of props to display your creativity, and a vast studio space where we do more than just 'Click!' Will you help arrange the props for the photoshoot? Many photoshoot studios in Bangalore offer various services, but did you know there are very few studios that offer props? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio has nearly five thousand props that you can use for your benefit. You can rent any prop that you need for the photoshoot. Do you offer editing services? There are very few studios that are considered the best photo studios in Bangalore and offer editing services. But as professional photographers, their skills lie in photoshoot rather than photo editing. At Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, our associates from the editing studio offer the service to all clients who ask for it. We collaborate and coordinate with photo editors for the benefit of our clients. If the client wishes for a one-stop solution for their photoshoot, we are happy to offer them our services. If you are on the lookout for a photoshoot studio in Bangalore that offers photo editing, you might want to expand your search and reach out to Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio. We facilitate everything that is needed to pique your creative side. Benefits of hiring Nitin Tandon's Food Styling photo studio on rent! Photoshoots can happen indoors or outdoors as well. Many clients look for an outdoor shoot as they believe it reduces the cost associated with renting a studio. You just need a photographer! But did you know you cannot achieve the best results with every outdoor shoot? Here is a glimpse of the various benefits of a studio shoot! •Equipment and props Finding the best photography studios in Bangalore can be made easy if you look for studios that offer the props that you need for your display. Can you imagine running around for equipment and props during your outdoor shoot? Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio offers everything, from chairs, stool, desk to lucrative lamps, vintage furniture, modern furniture, and fabrics, as well as every equipment needed for the shoot. Having them all under one roof helps reduce stress and increase the appeal as well. •Comfort Wouldn't it be better to have everything under one roof? You can have an outdoor shoot and struggle to put all things together, but the comfort of space provided by an indoor shoot equipped with the latest technology can offer more than just a photograph. •Availability of assistance An indoor photoshoot can be intimidating to many photographers, especially if it is a space that has not worked in before. But working in a photoshoot studio in Bangalore offers other benefits such as assistance from the studio staff and guidance from studio owners, most of whom are highly experienced and skilled photographers. •Controlled environment Shooting outdoors does not allow you to control the environment. You may fail to capture sufficient light, or the wind may affect the display, or the rain may disrupt everything. Studio photoshoot, on the other hand, offers increased control over the environment. You decide the amount of light that you need, the angle of the shoot, and you decide everything. Natural elements do not control your creativity. While some of the famous photo studios in Bangalore offer outdoor photoshoot at client request, at Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio, we believe in perfection achieved by using the right equipment. We offer the convenience of renting a photography studio in Bangalore, as well as all the comforts that come with it! Tell us more about your food styling services. Don't just look for the best photo studio in Bangalore; look beyond the boundaries, and you will find various studios that have better services to offer. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio is one of the few service providers that offers everything under one roof. We are a Video and Still Photography Production house with a talented team of experts who believe in creativity and conceptualizing every element that enhances the results. Nitin Tandon is a Chef, a restaurateur, and a food stylist with a deep understanding of food and experience spanning over two decades. Our team, led by Nitin Tandon, consists of talented photographers, videographers, and various production specialists who are needed for successful social media content. We are a one-stop-shop, but we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution to our clients. We believe in customizing our services to fit the needs of our clients. We have a modular business policy that is suitable for businesses, small and big! We are recognized for offering value for money and a long-standing relationship that comes with trust. Our clients trust us, for we provide everything that we promised in the photography studio in Bangalore! While the famous photo studios in Bangalore can cater to all your needs, if you are looking for the best photography studio for rent in Bangalore that can offer more than just a 'Click!' you might want to consider Nitin Tandon Food Styling Studio.






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